Sumona Chakravarti who plays Kapil Sharma’s on screen wife in his show The Kapil Sharma Show opens up how the man has a lot of pressure. The TRP of the show is drowning with every passing day. Assuming this could be the reason why Kapil is under pressure.

On being asked about Kapil’s health, Sumona, in an interview said, “Yes his (Kapil’s) health has not been very good and the name of the show is Kapil Sharma. Unfortunately, he is under a lot of pressure and that’s fair enough.” She added, “We all have our ups and downs in terms of health.It happens, sometimes you can’t even afford to fall sick but the body does take a toll so it’s okay, and not like he kept anyone waiting and everybody understands when someone is sick, it’s genuine.”

Kapil Sharma In Pressure Because Of Falling TRP Of His Show?
Kapil Sharma In Pressure Because Of Falling TRP Of His Show?

Sumona will be seen in Colors new show Dev. She will play the role of a single mother with a 7-year-old son. She also replied to the rumours of cold war between Bharti Singh, Kiku Sharda and her, she said, “These things are as baseless as my marriage rumours. We all sit together, we eat together, we all rehearse together. Why will there be any issue? I don’t know from where do you all get to hear such things from.”

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Bharti Singh entered the show and there were rumours that Sumona was insecure of her role. She adds, ” Rochelle kept coming and going, Kiku almost half the time they are wearing pads and all, I was hardly the only woman on set. so where is the insecurity?”

She will also be doing an English comedy play called as The Relationship Agreement. She will be playing the role of a bitchy girlfriend in the play.

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