Blood Money Movie Poster
Blood Money Movie Poster

Blood Money, starring Kunal Khemmu and Amrita Puri, is all set to release this Friday (30 March 2012). Let’s take a look at the box-office prospects of the film.

Blood Money: Box-Office Expectations

As neither of the actors of the movie can ensure an opening at the ticket windows, Blood Money will have to depend on post-release word of mouth publicity to make a mark at the box-office. On the positive side, the song Chaahat from the movie has attracted some attention. Also, since last week’s release, Agent Vinod, has received mixed reports at best, Blood Money will have a free run at the box-office. However, how much it is able to capitalize on the opportunity remains to be seen.

Blood Money: Star Cast

Kunal Khemmu, Amrita Puri, Manish Choudhary, Shekher Shukla, Mia Uyeda, Karan Mehra, Sandiip Sikcand.

Blood Money: Plot

Blood Money is the story of Kunal (Kunal Kemmu) and his wife Arzoo (Amrita Puri), who move to Cape Town after Kunal procures a job with a leading diamond export firm run by Zaveri (Manish Chaudhuri) and his brother (Sandiip Sikcand). The perks of the job includes a plush mansion, a swanky car and of course, all the opulence that money can procure. Gradually, Kunal finds himself trapped in the midst of a structured white collar crime conglomerate. How he struggles to get out of it forms the remainder of this story.

Blood Money: Production Banner

Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and Vishesh Films

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Will Blood Money bring big money to its producers and distributors? What do you think?