Being a good actor matters more to him than becoming a big star. There are a lot of traits in his character which he wants to hide from the public as he feels nobody will tolerate those. That’s Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who is not just a brilliant actor, but very very honest in his answers.

Talking to Koimoi ahead of the release of his upcoming film Mom, the actor opened up on the issue of typecasting in Bollywood. When asked whether he believes that Bollywood typecasts an actor and if that is the reason why he keeps experimenting with his characters, the actor replied, “Of course! I live with this constant fear of being typecast. Even in the past, good actors have been typecast. I want to protect myself from that. Even heroes are not spared, who keep doing what they do again and again. If you see in a larger perception, heroes are subjected to stereotyping more often. Even if he wants to experiment, he is not allowed to do that. I don’t want to become that.”

Nawazuddin Siddiqui: The Amount Of Corruption Shown In Films Is Way Less Than What Is Practised In Society
Nawazuddin Siddiqui: The Amount Of Corruption Shown In Films Is Way Less Than What Is Practised In Society

When asked if Bollywood glorifies criminals or underworld gangsters by making biopics on them, the actor retorted, “Why do you always have to blame films? Real life incidents serve as a mirror for films. Whatever we are making in films already exists in society. The amount of corruption shown in films is way less than what is practised in society. Our government is trying to curb corruption but it still is not becoming less. People are already corrupt. Films show that a corrupt person faces a bad consequence for his deeds. That means we are trying to clean the society through such films.”

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He has worked in several crime thrillers like the Gangs of Wasseypur series, Badlapur and now Mom. Does the particular genre appeal him? Nawaz denies it by saying, “I don’t have a liking for any particular genre and hence I do films belonging to diverse genres. My two upcoming films Babumoshai Bandookbaaz and Manto belong to completely different genres. I don’t want to create an image that I’ll do only goody goody roles or else my image will get changed. I am not bothered about creating an image and hence I keep myself open to every kind of role being an actor.”

Talking about his inspiration for the North Indian accent of his character in Mom, Nawaz recalls being inspired by noted Late playwright and theatre actor Habib Tanvir and contemporary Bollywood actor Piyush Mishra. He said, “Their styles of talking match and hence I picked up a tone which lies somewhere in between theirs and it suited my character well.” The actor even imitated Habib Tanvir and Piyush Mishra during the interview and I must say he was bang on!

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  1. Hindi Film Makers are fond of Gangsters that is the reason why they make movies with Gangsters Biopics , portrarying Murder,Sex, Sinister ,evil . The reasons are many but bollywood actors and actress have close assoiciation with Real Gangsters . They make all stupid meaningless movies. They should learn how to make MEANINGFUL movies by taking leaf out from Southern Film Industry in which content rules the roost, not the STARPOWER


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