Ayushmann Khurrana
Ayushmann Khurrana

No one will ever admit it but it is seemingly obvious that Ayushmann Khurrana had to opt out of the Kunal Kohli film since there was a Yashraj film waiting for him. Though it was earlier said that he and Kunal were at loggerheads due to absence of a ‘top league’ heroine in the film being included, Ayushmann had maintained that it was due to his dates clash with Nautanki Saala.

“That argument doesn’t quite hold good since Ayushmann would be beginning work on the Yashraj film in mid-February. These are the same timelines in which Kunal’s film was being proposed. It is obvious that the reasons were quite different. Ayushmann had to make a choice, and rightly so,” says a source.

Moreover, Ayushmann’s ‘request’ for a more saleable leading lady has been met too, what with Sonam Kapoor as his heroine in the film that would be directed by Nupur Asthana of Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge fame.

“In fact he was humble enough to maintain with Kunal too that since he was just one film old and it was a romcom in the making, unlike a ‘concept film’ like Vicky Donor, it would only help if the leading lady for his next film was a more notable name. Though Kunal was aggravated by the reasoning and made his displeasure quite clear, Ayushmann moved on and now has pretty much got his way with Sonam as his co-star”, the source continues.

Guess the youngster knew pretty much in advance what was on his way and did what made practical sense.

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  1. Sonam is a more saleable actor?? Diana and Ileana scored with their first films, and proved they can act well. Sonam only has 1 solid hit, thus not very saleable. Better choice would have been either one of those fresh faces, imo


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