“You find the best things in your life when you’re lost.” Imtiaz Ali dissects this aphorism in Jab Harry Met Sejal to show love in the most avant garde style. Yes! I know I am going to get tons of abuses but still I have chosen to pour my heart out on why I liked Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and Imtiaz Ali’s latest film. Let’s just agree to disagree the fact that the movie is not just about finding a lost ring.

Yes! The film went downhill in the second half and it had a rushed and incomplete climax. I agree with each and every fair criticism the film has been receiving but I also feel there’s much more to the film of what one has seen in it.

Read ahead if you’ve seen the film or you are not planning to watch the film at all.

To Everyone Who Hated Jab Harry Met Sejal, The Film Is Much More Than Finding A Lost Ring
To Everyone Who Hated Jab Harry Met Sejal, The Film Is Much More Than Finding A Lost Ring

There is a scene where Anushka falls asleep in the arms of Shah Rukh Khan and as he wakes up there’s a blank stare on his face. He realizes how all of this is temporary and can end anytime. He comes out of the place as Nurmahal’s flashback scenes backed with Nooran Sister’s song Jeeve Sohneya Ji builds up this soul tearing sequence.

As he comes out, he imitates “Na mera raja putt, ae honda hai” (Don’t worry child, this happens, everything will be fine) assuming he’s creating a non-virtual support because he is alone and lost in a country where he has no family. When Anushka Sharma finds out why he was crying, she says “Lonely nahi rehne dungi tujhe,” This is a moment which hits at the right place if you can connect with the characters. Anyone living away from home or family will immediately connect to Shah Rukh Khan’s blank stare when he sees Anushka Sharma and realizes all this is not forever.

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This film is all about some wonderful moments and extra ordinary songs. When Anushka meets Shah Rukh for the first time you’ll be forced to think of Jab We Met’s ‘Tum mujhe Bathinda pahuchaoge’ scene. The airport scene where Anushka says, “Toh yeh woh moment hai jab mujhe jaana hoga,” will remind you of Love Aaj Kal’s scene in which Saif comes to drop off Deepika Padukone at the airport.

The entire dancing on the street sequence will take you back to the Matargashti of Tamasha. “Tu hi mujhe bacha sakti hai,” says Harry to Sejal will make you miss Ved from Tamasha. Not demeaning any of the mentioned scenes but they’re similar and inspired by the best.

If you’re overhearing someone saying, “The film’s pace is crawling, Imtiaz has wasted time and the plot is just about finding a ring” Do not believe them. It is not just about finding a lost ring, it’s about finding a lost soul. The plot is about finding where you stand in your life. It’s about a tour guide who is lost, it’s about seeking what’s seeking you. “Hala ki yeh ehsaas hai tu paas hai, phir kyun abhi se hi mujhe yaadein teri aane lagi,” these magical lines by Irshad sum up the whole sequence where Harry screams for Sejal over the river – “Sejal, aaja yaar. Teri yaad aati hai, fir koi ring shing dhundte hai,” This is where Imtiaz Ali’s way of proving why no one else understands love better than this man. When SRK sees Anushka with his trademark dreamy gaze and Hawayein plays, “Chehra kyun lagta tera, yun khwabo se mere?” A movie that has been bashed so badly do not have such moments.

Watch the movie, criticize all you want but please note the amount of moments the film has offered. Call spade a spade if it’s spade. There are many such moments I can write about but I want you to watch the movie and decide for yourself. As they say, opinions are like ass***** everyone has one and this was mine. If you still have plans to watch this film, do not cancel it because of all the negativity around.

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  1. Kitna paisa mila ye sab publish karne ke liye
    review to paisa leke hi diya aur ab ye bhi,
    kuch farak nahi padega!!!

    Ye public hai sab janti hai beta

    • True.. Positive Review paise dene par Aur naa dene per negative review…
      KRK reviewed JHMS on thursday by watching movie in UAE ..While the movie was released on thursday evening..Still he managed to review the movie and gave negative review on thursday it self.

      While while while
      Toilet Ek prem katha released today morning in UAE and KRK will give his positive review tomorrow evening…
      Ye sab paise ka khel hai bhai…Review positive if money paid else negative and that to negative review from first show in UAE, if money not paid.

        • It’s truth…i m not jealous.. but u r mean..
          JHMS was one of the worst movie of srk.
          But much better then movies Tees mar khan and joker.

          • Yes. you are right. Obviously, JHMS is better than TMK and Joker because those films are directed by SRK’s best friends who executed the plan well to pull Akshay down. Again, Muslim directors will never make good films for Hindu actors. Shirish Kunder is now muslim coz his biwi is Muslim so it doesn’t matter. These Muslims don’t deserve to live in India.

    • baat sirf itni hai k jab bhi srk ki new film lagti hai intolerance wala comment yad ajata hai janta ko.aur film lagney se pehle hi film ki barbadi ki chalain shuru hojati hai.thats the truth. srk ko aab chak de india 2 par kam karna chaiye ya swades 2 par the desh bhagat movies.

    • Ya, they are. They loved Bahubali, which was a predictable movie with physics that made no sense. Clearly Indian audiences are not going for a well-developed plot. They’re going to throw their brains away for mindless masala entertainers.

  2. Bhai ab kuch nahi ho sakta…..roti jal chuki hai……kyun ker rahe ho jhuthi publicity….
    Aur baaki flop movies ke sath kyun nhi kerte aisa, isi ko kyun itna support ker rahe ho…..Jagga jassos me bhi bahut positive baatein thi ek article likh deta uspe bhi…..from the very first day this website is trying to prove a disaster as a hit…..

  3. Koimoi review-
    Jagga Jajoos is must watch. 4 star
    JHMS is also must watch. 3.5 star

    Both films flopped badly. WTF koimoi

  4. Bhai mere itna andha fan mat ban. Aur agar tujhe paisa milta hein yein sab likhne ka well and good. Otherwise you are ruining your life show some doctor. And thanks but no thanks for your those silly moments.

  5. This article looks desperate and forced. Even i liked the film. But this doesnt mean audience are fool. They have all the right to choose what they want to see or not despite of the fact that it contained hidden emotions. I observed it all too. But there were flaws too. Let now agree with the fact that a gud movie is one which wins the heart of the audience and the box office race in sync. And if audience dont felt gud about the movie its not there fault. Respect their decision and move on to make a better film next time.

    • they are making them fool by spreading negativity,if you havent watch that film how can you say that he,she or they also dont like that film maybe they like it.

  6. All hate comments are shit. If someone praises a film then it is paid and criticizing is free . WTF is that. Movie has moments for understanding those u need brain which Moron’s don’t have so jst cut crap. .. Publisher has said every person has opinion..
    but jerks have hatred only.

  7. Aksh tu bhi umesh k jaisa sudh budh kho gaya he kya. Though I like shahrukh and his movies this one is a total waste of time and money. Umesh punwani is really just trying to save a disaster movie, is he trying to believe us that he is a intellectual than millions of people.

  8. The thing is why Koimoi is defending the film so much. I want to clear it that no matter how many paid or genuine articles you publish on your site, the movie is completely rejected by the audience. You can see is deteriorating IMDB rating or its drastically fallen collections. It’s SRK man but still 58 Cr. in first five days with no clash!!! also having partial holiday of Rakhi. Man, audience is not a fool, same cliche, although movie reminds us of Imtiaz’s previous work but does it really matter? does it sufficient to make a movie hit? Good Music, foreign locations and romance in the air, it is all gone. Now only those movies will work which have powerful performances and story, thats why movies like Dangal, Pink, and Hindi Medium is making great moolah at the box office. But, sadly SRK is too late to release this all and facing back to back rejections. Hope his career will continue for some more years, but I doubt.

  9. Everything seem so forced in movie, and there was no chemistry between them throughout movie they were like friends, both actor fails to sell any kind of spark or romance. They just show SRK as some desperate lonely loser who grab the hand of lady who offer him figure. From king of romance SRK which ppl love to desperate SRK with irritating Anuska who trying to act like Bina Rai, there were time when movie become intolerable.

  10. Bhai tubelight ky bary my be kuch likh dyty😂. SRK faregh ho gya ha. Paisy khela kr awards ly jata ha aur es trha ky articles lekhwata ha. Jo marze kr ly Salman Khan is the new king. Agr rok sakty ho to rok lo.

  11. the new weapon of this generation kisi bhi film ko flop ya hit karna ho uske baray mei social media par film critics website par comment kar k film hit karao ya flop karao and people without even watching the film are giving suggestion that oh yaar mat dekh wo film meine comment parhey hai film flop hai.

  12. OK guys.here is my opinion.the movies in our country really don,t have stories.but srk performance is always up to mark.barring a few exceptions.the confidence level of srk match Mr bachchan.so for these two you can watch movies here.else wise watch Hollywood.

  13. I loved your article and I loved the movie..Ppl have their own way of trolling..there was no social msg, he got old, father daughter couple blah blah blah…The movie touches ur soul from the beginnings when he was guiding and safar (song) starts..Both acted so well and natural..Srk was on top when it comes to expressing his love without saying..Yeah 2nd half was a little shady but it dsnt impact the feel of the movie…I loved it liked it and it is one the movie which reminds me what SRK can do no o e else can…Love JHMS..

  14. I do know!? Ⅿentioned Larry. ?I bet һe lіkes angels beϲause he has them round all theе tіmе.
    Perhaps he and the аngels play family vіdeo games like wе dօ sometimes.
    MayƄe they play Monopoly.? This made Mommy snort really hard.


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