AEW Late Night Dynamite: From Scorpio Sky vs Ben Carter To Matt Sydal vs Shawn Spears – The Night Was Full Of Action
AEW Late Night Dynamite: From Scorpio Sky vs Ben Carter To Matt Sydal vs Shawn Spears – The Night Was Full Of Action

The latest episode of AEW Late Night Dynamitebout was pretty eventful. The commentary for the show was done by Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur and Chris Jericho. From Anna Jay being pitted opposite Brandi Rhodes to Scorpio Sky taking on Ben Carter, read on to know all that happened last night.

The night saw some excellent sportsmanship by Scorpio Sky, in not one but two matches.


Scorpio Sky vs Ben Carter

The first match of AEW Late Night Dynamite saw former AEW Tag Team Champion Scorpio Sky, facing Ben Carter. The bout began with the two wrestlers swinging their arms at each other. After a staredown from across the ring, Sky used his power to push Carter back into the corner.


What followed then was Carter getting a right hand from Sky. Scorpio followed it with uppercuts in the corner. Carter hit back with a dropkick. The next minute was a treat to watch as Sky caught Carter with a knee-strike, a dropkick and then a Russian Leg Sweep. He then hit Carter with a backbreaker, followed by a bow and arrow stretch and then an abdominal stretch.

Post the commercial break. Sky went for a vertical suplex, but Carter blocked it and hit a boot to the face. Carter looked to hit a moonsault but landed on his feet after Sky dodged it. Sky hit Carter with a knee strike before slamming his head into the ring. This was followed with a legdrop on the apron that Carter escaped. He hit Sky with a dive over the ropes. Carter climbed the rope and nailed his Frog Splash.

Scorpio Sky hit back with a neck breaker and followed it up with a Fisherman Buster. Sky caught Carter with a low dropkick followed by a double stomp to the back. He then hit a TKO and finally triumphed over Ben Carter.

At the end of it, Sky helps Carter stand up, hugged him and raised his arm.

Brandi Rhodes vs Anna Jay

The next match on AEW Late Night Dynamite was fought between Brandi Rhodes and Anna Jay. This wasn’t as interesting as the one it followed.

The match began with Rhodes catching Jay with right hands and thus forcing her to retreat out to the ringside. This was followed by Brandi following her out and giving her an Irish Whip. When back in the ring, Anna locked in her sleeper hold, but Brandi reversed it into a roll-up for a two-count.

This was followed by more right hands by Rhodes and Jay finally hitting back with a backbreaker for a two-count of. She continued the offence, hitting Rhodes with a snap suplex. Brandi took control of the match later, and we saw a glimpse of Stu Grayson and Evil Uno. With the referee distracted, Rhodes hit a big boot and covered Jay, but the referee couldn’t make the count on time. Jay locked in her sleeper hold when Brandi was talking to the referee. Caught unaware, the sleeper hold was enough to put Brandi away.

Anna Jay won the match via Referee Stoppage.

Matt Sydal vs Shawn Spears (with Tully Blanchard)

The third match was fought between Former WWE Superstar Matt Sydal and Shawn Spears. Sydal made his AEW singles debut with this match. The match kicked off with Sydal and Spears with both wrestlers going back and forth before Sydal gave a side headlock grounding Spears.

Spears made a comeback by tossing Sydal out of the ring and then caught him with a Sliding Dropkick. Following the break, Sydal caught Spears with a roundhouse kick. He followed it up with a Standing Corkscrew Moonsault for two-count. Spears hit back with a sit-out pop-up powerbomb for a two-count.

Sydal then caught Spears with a jumping knee strike. Spears came back with a Ushigoroshi. Spears then attempted to finish Sydal off with the C4 but to no avail. Sydal headed to the top rope and hit a flying Meteora. Shawn retreated out to ringside and sat down on a steel chair. Sydal followed him out and hit a running dropkick. Tully Blanchard loaded Shawn Spears’ glove while he was recovering at ringside.

Back in the ring, Spears caught Sydal with the loaded left hand and followed it up with the C4 for the win. Post the match, Spears continued to beat up Sydal some more. Scorpio Sky entered the ring and chased it out before checking on Sydal. During this time, Spears almost jumped on Sky from behind but bounced to the stage when Sky noticed him.

What are your thoughts on the match? Tell us in the comments.

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