PlayStation 5: Spider-Man: Miles Morales - From Peter Parker's Cameo, The Villain To Release Period - ALL You Need To Know About It!
PlayStation 5: Spider-Man: Miles Morales – From Peter Parker’s Cameo, The Villain To Release Period – ALL You Need To Know About It!

After the super-success of Marvel’s Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 (2018), Sony brings back our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. This time it’s in the form of Spider-Man: Miles Morales and is the signature move for PlayStation 5. Last evening (IST), Sony held an event in which they unveiled the much-awaited PS5 and the fans just went berserk over it.

With over 2 million people watching the English version of the event live, it was a triumphant event for the gaming giant. PlayStation 5’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales revolves around the life of an eponymous superhero whom we’ve already seen in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Miles was seen as a photographer who got bit by a genetically-modified spider and was trained by no one else but Peter Parker.

Sony had already dropped major hints at the end of 2018’s Spider-Man of Miles Morales having a significant role in the upcoming game. But, we now have an entire game to his credit and it can’t get any more exciting. In the breathtaking trailer revealed, Miles is seen in his Spidey suit swinging through the New York City protecting its citizens. A voiceover sounding like Peter Parker says, “A hero is just someone who doesn’t give up. Your dad said that. Go be a hero Miles.”

To those who want to know if Peter Parker will make an appearance in Miles Morales. Yes, he might be. Given the cliffhanger ending to the last game, Peter’s story is still very much incomplete and makers might bring him back as a surprise to collaborate with Miles. The trailer shows no glimpse of any bad guy that Miles will be fighting. But, the reports are that it’ll be Harry Osborn playing the antagonize to him. Makers just tease ‘Holiday 2020’ release as far as the release period goes.

Marvel’s Spider-Man was loved by everyone around and was critically praised too. As far as the numbers are reported, the game sold 13.2 million copies making it a huge success. If you’re trying to think hard from where you’ve heard Miles Morales, he was the leading Spider-Man in 2018’s Oscar-winning animated picture Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Check out the trailer here:

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