Anil Kapoor is better known for his ‘Jhakaas’ style. The actor, who has tasted success not only in Bollywood but also had his share of Hollywood drama, recently became a TV screen persona with his famous television series 24.

Anil Kapoor
Anil Kapoor


In an old interview that we laid our hands on, Anil Kapoor is seen discussing on what it actually takes to be an actor. Speaking about acting, the 24 star states that anyone could be an actor even a regular housewife without any special talents. Stressing on the importance of character, Anil Kapoor talks about the importance of versatility.

After starring in distinctive films such as Wo Saat Din, Lamhe and Mr. India, he says, “I have proved everybody wrong, I have always done everything which is unconventional.” Criticizing the cliched Bollywood hero phenomenon of running behind the trees and singing songs, Anil Kapoor maintains that it was a 60s and 70s concept.

In a candid interview on his career and acting, Anil Kapoor spilled quite a bit of information.

Check out what more Anil Kapoor has to say about his acting journey here:

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