Period films have always managed to impress the audience across the globe. It marks the recreation of an era which is long forgotten by all. Period films are not only the face of history on the big screen; it also attempts to entertain the viewers along with informing them about our past.

As a change of pace in the cinema industry, Punjab entertainment industry is outshining for bringing into light the concept of showcasing the life of those invincible people who, not for their own sake, gave the supreme sacrifices of their lives. Such is the history of this nation, and such is the pride that we hold of producing brave hearts who have uninterruptedly offered their dedicated services to the nation.

Film Subedar Joginder Singh’s trailer spreads like wildfire!
Film Subedar Joginder Singh’s trailer spreads like wildfire!

Latterly, a film titled Subedar Joginder Singh, which happens to be made on the journey and true incidents of the life of this courageous soldier, dropped in the trailer on the digital platforms. The trailer has garnered an unprecedented appreciation. The viewers are in awe with the subject, concept, and seem to have developed a sense of belongingness with it; which is evident from the fact that it has been widely shared by all. Going by the numbers, data reveals that, it has touched a whopping 4.5 lakhs shares on Facebook! This is an unbelievable and unbeatable response!

The reason of this reaction helps us conclude a fact that there is demand of good and realistic content creation that has the ability to touch the hearts of millions of people who are unaware about what, as a nation, we have been through!

Subedar Joginder Singh was a valiant soldier of the 1st Sikh Regiment who, along with his 21 lionhearted Sikh soldiers, fearlessly combated thousands of Chinese men during the Sino-Indian war 1962.

The film is slated to be released on April 6, 2018 worldwide.

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