Age is just a number for Baba Sehgal, as even at 52 he is pumping out classic rap songs. Very recently he released a song called Mumbai Ka Vada Pav and we are blown. He is popular for being India’s very first rapper and even more famous for his songs Aaja Mere Gadi Mein Baith Ja, Chicken Fried Rice, Aloo Ka Paratha, Main Bhi Madonna among many more.


People of all ages enjoy his pop tunes and apart from his out of the world lyrics, people are also crazy for the star’s upbeat and motivating videos. The list of accolades do not stop there as Sehgal is also known for his impressive fashion sense, hip dance moves, his amazing rapport with the ladies, and the list goes on. Baba is the man, women want and men wish to be.

Youth Icon Baba Sehgal Releases Mumbai’s Vada Pav anthem
Baba Sehgal Just Dropped His Latest Song Mumbai Ka Vada Pav & It’ll Be A Shame To Miss This!

The latest song is an ode to Mumbai’s famous snack Vada Pav and in the music video, Baba shares crucial points as to why the potato snack is the best. He shares life hacks such as,

‘simple sa ik vada hai aur uskey uppar pav

dating mein tum khila ke apni girl friend ko patao’

Now you know how to get girls. The rapper also promotes Zumba as the preferred type of exercise, this shows that baba also cares for his fan’s health. Although No.1 priority remains Vada pav as he mentions,

‘andar ke andar ke gym ko jagao

na sharmao daud ke aao

baad mein zumba pehle pav’


We assure you that after watching that video and several others, your life will never be the same. Respect Baba Sehgal Respect!

(This article is meant purely for entertainment purposes and all the sarcasm is meant to be taken lightly. If you did not think this is sarcasm but pure flattery, you are delusional!)




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