Riding high on the success wave for its trending show- Barely Speaking with Arnub (Feat. Arvind Kejriwal) by the largest online youth network in the country– The Viral Fever releases another topical and impactful video – Arnub Vs. Free Speech: News-hour Qtiyapa 2.

The video is next in line with TVF‟s most popular “Bollywood Aam Aadmi Party” and follows the same format of a News Debate. This time on popular demand the debate is based on the globally popular incident that happened a few days ago and world-wide people participated in the debate on the limits of freedom of speech, and where should one draw the line.

The debate starts with TVF‟s most popular character ‘Arnub’, establishing the whole context where a magazine named ‘Charles Hegde’ published a cartoon of Big Boss. Now we all know that Big Boss is somebody who has never been seen; he is just a voice, who controls a house in Lonavala. Three ardent Big Boss fans entered their office in broad daylight, broke their pencils and snatched their Tiffin boxes. The Funny debate tries to rehash the takes of a Celebrity, a religious Leader, a political group and a social Media Activist on the topic of ‘Free Speech’ in a humorous way.

On the panel, we have Mr. Vietnam Siddiqui representing the Big Boss Fan Club, Mr. Roadiebanyam Swamii from Chandigarh- an Ex Roadie and member of Roadie Swag Samiti, Mr Motamir Khan – Full time activist and part-time actor, and Miss LLaneous – Editor-in-Cheap of sharepoop dot com. The key aspect of the video is to look at every aspect of the world wide debate objectively and present different perspective in a hilarious fashion.

Arunabh Kumar, Founder and Chief Creative Officer opined, “While everyone seemed to be participating in the Verbal Orgy on Free Speech, we decided to do what we know best, to try and present all sides of the topic through a funny and thought provoking Video, so that people could stop speaking for some time and start listening. Our intention with this sketch is that people begin exercising the right to ‘Freedom to Listen’ before making noise on ‘Freedom of Speech’.”

A still from 'The Viral Fever'
A still from ‘The Viral Fever’

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