Arjun Rampal (read interview) is one compulsive Twitterati. In the recent few days, the cool dude has been posting quite a few of his thoughts and photos on the micro-blogging website, Twitter.

Right after wrapping up the schedule of Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One ( snippet), Arjun left for the Dubai and Muscat with Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor and Prakash Jha, his cast and crew from the political potboiler, Raajneeti (promo). If Arjun’s photos and comments over the past few days are anything to go by, then he, Katrina, Ranbir and Prakashji all seem to have had a great time while promoting the film. Let’s have a look at their journey through Arjun Rampal’s tweets…

The chill pill: The Raajneeti brigade seems to have taken to sunglasses like fish to water, not that they do not look cool in them. Arjun explains, “On route to Muscat 2nd June after a long night have not slept, thank god for sunglasses.”

Bho…pals: Arjun captions this pic as, “More Bho….pals.”  Now we all know that a major part of Raajneeti was shot in Bhopal, but calling his co-stars that is taking the analogy too far. Don’t you think so?

The midnight express: Now, here’s the real fun. On board a flight, while Ranbir Kapoor “catches up on world cinema… reads Total Film”, Katrina Kaif naps. “Ranbir, I film her waiting for her to snore,” tweets Arjun.

And now, some work: While there, the group visited the offices of the Gulf News. The above pic was taken while the “Raajneeti boys” and Katrina Kaif were indulging in “some press interactions”.

Gym-time: While in Dubai, Arjun even took time off to give his hotel gym a visit. No wonder his biceps take a lot of looking after!

Back to the grind: With “1 day to go Raajneeti…look upto the heavens”, Arjun Rampal, Katrina Kaif and Ranbir, all flew back to Bombay in the week hours of Thursday, June 3, 2010. Tomorrow is D-day! Hopefully Arjun will have a lot to tweet about.

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