Zubair Khan is in the news again. After slamming Salman Khan, he is now seeking an apology from him. He says he will go back to Bigg Boss 11 only if Salman Khan says sorry to him.

In an exclusive interview with The Indian Express Zubair Khan said, “Unlike what Salman told me, I was on the show only for my kids. Bigg Boss might be the biggest reality show on television but people with no jobs are there to only create controversy. While I was against it initially I realized that this was my only means to get through to my kids. But with the way Salman behaved with me, I have lost all chances of reconciliation with them. He has taken away my life, my family and my happiness.”

Zubair Khan Seeks An Apology From Salman Khan To Go Back To Bigg Boss 11
Zubair Khan Seeks An Apology From Salman Khan To Go Back To Bigg Boss 11

His high demands are, “As soon as I was out, Colors called me and asked me to get back on the show. I told them that only when Salman Khan will apologise to me would I get back. I will not compromise on my self-respect now. He needs to say sorry to me for all his harsh words and accept that he did wrong. When I went to Lonavla, people mobbed me saying that they loved my performance. Even the panelists agreed that I was doing well. If in a week I got so much love, how could I get fewer votes?”

He also seeks justice from Colors TV, “I have already registered a complaint against Salman and now I also want justice from Colors. They misused my name and my identity to gain ratings. I plan to sue them for maligning my image. They were the ones who told us to abuse, not knowing that their host will have an issue with it.”

The former contestant also challenged Salman to meet him personally without a bodyguard.

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“Where you want to call me, come without a bodyguard. Even if you come along (with) a bodyguard, that would also do,” Zubair said.

Zubair was ousted from reality television show. He has filed a written complaint against Salman accusing him of allegedly threatening him in the October 7 night episode of the Bigg Boss elimination show.

Salman had blasted Zubair for allegedly misbehaving with some housemates.

Zubair also claimed that Bigg Boss is fully scripted and slammed it as a fake reality show.

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