Steve Harvey Once Gave His Teacher The same Gift Every Year To Remind Her About Crushing His Dreams
When Steve Harvey Sent The Same Gift To His Teacher Every Year For Making Fun Of His Dream. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Besides parents, teachers play a critical role in everyone’s lives. They guide us and prepare us for the world and the life ahead. But sometimes they can be harsh, too. In his childhood, popular TV personality Steve Harvey had a teacher who ridiculed him instead of encouraging his dreams. Harvey achieved them and sent his teacher the same gift to remind her that he was a media mogul. Keep scrolling for more.

Harvey is a multifaceted personality. He is a TV host, producer, actor, and comedian. Steve is known for his shows Family Feud, The Steve Harvey Morning Show, and more. He was all over the news last year due to his wife Marjorie‘s alleged affair with his bodyguard. She was accused of cheating on Steve, but the couple denied the rumors consistently. He was also the Miss Universe pageant host and landed in hot waters after announcing the wrong name in 2015.

The Family Feud host is loved and adored by the viewers, but he had a severe stutter growing up. While Steve Harvey was in sixth grade, his teacher gave his class an assignment. They were asked to write down what they wanted to be growing up. Harvey seems like he always had an affinity for showbiz, as the media mogul wrote that he wanted to be on TV. Steve’s teacher thought he was fooling around and did not take the assignment seriously, especially for someone with a speech problem.

Steve Harvey recalled the incident on Oprah’s Master Class as per HuffPost. His teacher called him up in front of the class and ridiculed him. In addition, Harvey’s teacher called his mother and said he had been a smart-aleck at school. Although Steve‘s mother was upset about this, his father supported him and his dream. Steve said, “My father said, ‘Well, what’s wrong with that?'”

Steve’s father told him to put the paper in the drawer and to read it in the morning after waking up and at night before going to bed every day. He recalled, “What he told me was a principle of success, that if you write it down and envision it, anything you can see in your mind, you can hold in your hand.” Harvey indeed found success in showbiz; today, he is a well-known personality. He ensured his teacher was aware of his success, sending her a TV every year.

Harvey revealed, “Every year when the teacher was living, I used to send her a TV for Christmas. Cause I wanted her to see me.” He added, “That little boy with the stuttering problem is on TV seven days a week. Yeah. I’m on TV. All the time. You dig?”

Steve Harvey is a successful TV personality and has accumulated an impressive net worth of about $200 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth.

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