Actress Sneha Wagh says she has always been health conscious and has picked up a new healthy habit.


Sneha currently plays the role of Tulsa in the show Mere Sai. As per the storyline, Tulsa has been advised by Sai Baba to keep water in her mouth as she is constantly bickering.

I've always been health conscious: Sneha Wagh
TV Actress Sneha Wagh: I’ve Always Been Health Conscious!


“I have always been a health conscious person and drink sufficient water. Never have I ever had so much water in my life before. Because of the ongoing narrative of ‘Mere Sai‘, I have been drinking around eight to nine litres of water on a daily basis,” Sneha said in a statement.

“The sequence required me to fill my mouth with water and obviously I ended up drinking most of it. In a way, I feel it’s great that I have been having so much water as it purifies our system and keeps us healthy. Thanks to our show, I am on my way of developing a new healthy habit,” she added.




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