The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Uses The Same Quote Used In Permanent Roommates ( Photo Credit – A Still From Permanent Roommates / The Falcon and the Winter Soldier; IMDb )

Marvel Studios’ much-awaited The Falcon and the Winter Soldier started streaming on Disney + Hotstar from March 19. Like WandaVision, it’s a weekly show which will have its 1 episode releasing every Friday. However, unlike the 9 episodes show, this one will be only 6-episodes long.

So like every Marvel fan, even I watched the first episode of TFATWS on the day of its release. Starting from the opening scene featuring the Falcon to the last one which was a cliffhanger about the new Captain America, it was a thrilling watch for sure. There were several moments that left me amazed and it won’t be wrong to say that it was too good to be the first episode.



However, I am an Indian who was introduced to the OTT world by TVF’s Permanent Roommates (2014). So when a female character (Miki Ishikawa) in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier tells something to Bucky (Sebastian Stan), it immediately reminded me of PR Season 2 (2016) in which the same dialogue has been used. The TFATWS’ dialogue in question is, “You know how you call a guy whose wife died a widower? Or if your parents die, you’re an orphan. You know there’s no word for someone whose kids die.”

( Photo Credit – A Still From The Falcon and the Winter Soldier )

And this is what Tanya (Nidhi Singh) tells Mikesh (Sumeet Vyas) in PR 2 Season Finale after they lose their baby before its birth, “Kisi ke husband ki death hoti hai toh you call her a widow, kisi ke parents ki death hoti hai toh you call them orphan. But when your child dies there’s no term for you.”

( Photo Credit – A Still From Permanent Roommates )

Now there’s too much resemblance to ignore. While I was flabbergasted with two different writers using a similar dialogue in their shows, I got in touch with PR writer Biswapati Sarkar regarding this.

On being asked, “If it was a dialogue that was originally written by you or Tanya quotes some popular philosopher?”, Sarkar said, “While writing the finale, I was researching and had seen several interviews of couples who had lost their children during childbirth. It was one of the parents who said something in a similar vein, and it really caught my attention. I thought it was a really sad thing for Tanya to say in that scene. And I am quite certain that it’s simply a coincidence that a writer somewhere thought/found something in similar lines while talking about a similar situation.”

“Thanks for paying attention to a line that was said about 5 years back,” he added.

On doing a little more research, I found that the actual quote has been written by an American novelist, Jay Neugeboren in his 1976 book, An Orphan’s Tale.

Meanwhile, recently in a conversation with Koimoi, Sumeet Vyas opened about Permanent Roommates Season 3. “Definitely aa raha hai (it is coming). We really want to write it this year. So we already had initial conversations about how and what direction we can take it in. We really want to do it, let’s hope that it happens and it takes shape,” he said.

However, there’s a sad news that Biswapati will not be working for season 3 of Permanent Roommates as he has quit TVF a year back. When I asked him about PRS03, he said, “It’s been about a year that I am no longer at TVF. So even if there is PR S3, I don’t think I’d be working on it.”

Biswapati Sarkar along with his TVF friends, Sameer Saxena, Amit Golani & Saurabh Khanna has started a new production company titled, Posham Pa Pictures. Their first film together is titled Jaadugar. Starring Jitendra Kumar & Arushi Sharma (Love Aaj Kal 2020 fame) in lead along with Jaaved Jaaferi, the film will release on Netflix this year. The film has been written by Sarkar himself and Saxena has directed it.

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