After the thrilling and impeccable season 1, people worldwide are eagerly waiting for the second season of Sacred Games 2. Starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan and Pankaj Tripathi, the series is one of the best Indian Netflix series which received great critical as well as audience response last year.

Sacred Games 2 will be streaming on Netflix on the midnight of August 15. There are a lot of burning questions and queries the audience have in their minds and hope they get the answers in the upcoming season.


However, if Season 1 is kind of blurred away from your memory and you have no time to binge-watch it now, no worries. Before you watch Sacred Games 2, these are the important things you should be aware of and find the answers to.

Sacred Games 2: All you need to know about season 1 before you binge-watch upcoming one
Sacred Games Season 2: Here’s All You Need To Know About Season 1 Before Binge-Watching The Upcoming One!

1. What will happen after 25 days?

One of the burning questions from the first episode itself is ‘What is happening after 25 days in Mumbai?’ When Nawaz’s character Ganesh Gaitonde informs Inspector Sartaj Singh aka Saif that he has 25 days to save Mumbai, we all were perplexed like Sartaj.
Is it a terrorist attack or some sort of war or epidemic, well, we can’t wait to find out.

2. What happened to Trivedi?


When Gaitonde told Sartaj about something terrifying happening in 25 days, he said ‘sirf Trivedi bachega (only Trivedi will survive)’. In the last episode, the show ends with Saif Ali Khan entering a bunker where Trivedi is lying dead in a chair. The ending has baffled everyone because Trivedi was supposed to survive but he’s dead. How did he die? What role he has to play in the disaster that’s going to strike the city?

3. Ganesh Gaitonde’s Third Father

Pankaj Tripathi plays the role of Khanna Guruji who Gaitonde addresses his teesra baap (third father). We got to see a few glimpses of Khanna Guruji in the first season but in the upcoming season, we will get to see what evilness he possesses behind the calm persona. We can’t wait to find out if he is the mastermind of the threat that’s going to strike the city and what exactly happened between him and Gaitonde that soured their relationship entirely.

4. The Weapons

In season 1, we saw a lot of weapons and guns were smuggled in the city. But it isn’t clear whether the guns were for the protection of the city or to impose an attack. Also, why was Malcolm played by Luke Kenny stubborn about not letting Saif go and ended up chopping off Sartaj’s thumb?

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