Highlights From Star Vs Food Episode 4 Ft Pratik Gandhi
Pratik Gandhi Steps Into The Kitchen For Discovery Plus’ Star Vs Food (PC: Youtube)

Discovery Plus’ Star Vs Food has been a joy ride until now. Not that all the episodes have fun top-notch fun, but they haven’t been downright dull either. But I am happiest to report that the latest episode featuring Scam 1992 star Pratik Gandhi is the most radiant, fun and closest to reality the show can ever get. The actor enters the kitchen and elevates the mood from the word go.

For the unversed, Pratik Gandhi was introduced to the world newly last year with the release of Hansal Mehta’s Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story. The actor in no time became a pan India face and was hailed for his acting talent. Most recently he made his way in the Gujarati web show Vitthal Teedi and roared like a lion yet again with his performance.

The actor has now made his way to Discovery Plus’ Star Vs Food and given us the most candid episode until now. Read on to know all the highlights from the episode.

Pratik Gandhi Being Harshad Mehta

Harshad Mehta now to Pratik is what Jack Sparrow is to Johnny Depp. He cannot erase the image from the audience’s mind, and rightly so. The actor opens the episode with some dialogues from the show, and it is always a delight to watch him embody Harshad. This time around, he pairs it with his smirk.

Pratik Gandhi Being Brutally Trained By The Chef

Now all these episodes have been 80% the Chef and 30% the actor. But the tables have turned this time around, and Pratik Gandhi literally had to suffer some burns too. Chef Vidit Aren, who cooked old-roasted globe artichokes and portobello mushrooms with Gandhi, made the actor do a lot of hard work. And it was honestly fun watching.

Pratik Gandhi Being Practical

Raise your hands if the quantity on a gourmet platter bothers you! Both our hands are up this side. And well, Pratik too belongs to our clan. After seeing the quantity of food on the fancy platter, he is afraid whether his friends will have sufficient food or not. He advises Vidit to have roti sabzi as a backup plan. Gandhi, in all sense, represents all of us.

The Most Honest Of The Jury (Friends)

Pratik Gandhi is joined by his Scam 1992 co-stars Hemant Kher, Jay Upadhyay and his wife, Bhamini Oza Gandhi. While all other guests were happy and had love for their friend so far, these juries/friends were most brutal to Pratik. And isn’t that is what we secretly expect from our closest pals? We told you, this was one of the most realistic episodes.

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