Neha Dhupia invited a lot of flack in the last few days after a video of hers went viral from the auditions of MTV’s reality show Roadies Revolution. Dhupia was trolled viciously after she was heard telling a contestant that if a girl chooses to be with five boys it is her choice and maybe the problem lies with the boy itself. This comes after the contestant confessed to having slapped his girlfriend after she told him that she was cheating on him with not just one but five boys.

Now, another Roadies mentor Nikhil Chinapa has come out in support of Neha and has replied to trolls attacking Neha and calling her a fake feminist and someone who supports adultery. Replying to a certain tweet, Nikhil has said that in certain unedited footages they have clearly said that neither he nor Neha support adultery.

Neha Dhupia Roadies Controversy: Nikhil Chinapa Lends Support To Dhupia In A Series Of Tweets, But Deletes Them Later
Neha Dhupia Roadies Controversy: Nikhil Chinapa Lends Support To The Actress In A Series Of Tweets

A certain user called out to Nikhil for missing the point and Tweeted, “Hitting is not okay, cheating is okay’ is not the way to talk about violence.” To this Nikhil replied, “We’ve gone on to say, ‘cheating is not okay.’ @rannvijaysingha says it in the unedited footage and we all, @NehaDhupia included, agree. We never have and never will condone cheating. It’s traumatic for victims but it still doesn’t justify violence.”

Replying to yet another Tweet, Nikhil saying, “I wouldn’t abuse a woman, but neither would I support her inflicting violence. I didn’t say it last year during the audition of the girl who hit her boyfriend for saying something against her brother, but I’m saying it unequivocally now. Physical violence by either sex is WRONG.”

Finally lashing out to all those lashing at him for using abuses, Nikhil Tweeted, ““Also, 1 minutes silence for everyone saying, ‘Madar****, how can you say mother******?’” However, in a rather intriguing turn of events, Nikhil soon deleted these posts and wrote, “Deleting a few pointless tweets of mine and focusing on what’s more important now. That would be the impending virus threat and how to handle the impending crisis over the next few weeks.”

For those of you who have joined in late, Neha has also sent out a clarification on her social media handle with a lengthy post defending her stand. Some parts of her post read, “A guy talked about his partner who cheated on him (allegedly) and in retaliation, he hit her by his own admission. What the girl did is a choice she made which is a moral choice regardless of someone, man or woman… adultery is a moral choice. Cheating is not something I stand for, and it is unfortunate that I have been misrepresented for the same… but what I do stand for is women’s safety.”

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