Sony TV’s recently-launched daily soap Pehredaar Piya Ki which shows a 9-year-old boy falling for an 18-year-old girl, proposing her for marriage, and subsequently getting married to her; followed up by suhaag raat and honeymoon sequence.


The show is infamous for its plotline from the start, actually even before it started. 20 days later, public sentiments about the TV show, in which a 10-year-old boy is married to an 18-year-old woman, remain the same.

After Much Controversies , Pehredaar Piya Ki To Go Off Air?
After Much Controversies , Pehredaar Piya Ki To Go Off Air?

An online petition has been moved for a ban on the TV show, which has been described as “obnoxious and perverted” content that can “severely impact impressionable minds of children”. Angry viewers have started a petition, addressed to Smriti Zubin Irani, Union Cabinet Minister of Textiles and Information and Broadcasting (Additional Charge), to get television show Pehredaar Piya Ki off air.

Going by the ministry’s prompt action, it seems the team of Pehredar Piya Ki will have a tough time defending their show to the BCCC members.

The petition was posted by a Mansi Jain on and over 51,000 people had already signed it by Thursday 4 pm. The petition reads, “Pehredar piya ki. – A 10-year-old impressionable little kid(piyaa) caressing and stalking a lady who’s more than double his age and filling sindoor in her “maang” is being telecasted at prime time -8:30 pm on Sony. (Family time) It is to be devoured by the entire Nation. Imagine the kind of influence it will steadily and perpetually infuse in the viewer’s mindset. We want a ban on the serial. We do not want our kids to be influenced by such tv serials. Join us in signing the petition to ban this serial (sic).”

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Defending the show, Tejaswi Prakash, who plays the role of Diya (the Pehredaar of the title) told news agency IANS that it is, in fact, a ‘progressive’ show. She said, “I think it’s really progressive. But again, a lot of people believe in judging a book by its cover. They love being judgmental and people have nothing better to do than judging somebody else’s work. Then okay, what can I do?”

She also compared Pehredaar Piya Ki to Game Of Thrones and said, “It also happened in Game Of Thrones. People love Game Of Thrones and if the same thing happens in Pehredaar Piya Ki, then it’s an issue.” Perhaps Tejaswi was referring to Loras Tyrell and Cersei Lannister’s engagement announcement (huge emphases on the word announcement) in season 4.




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