Money Heist TEACHER'S DAY SPECIAL: 5 Life Lessons 'Professor' Álvaro Morte Taught Us!
Money Heist TEACHER’S DAY SPECIAL: 5 Life Lessons ‘Professor’ Álvaro Morte Taught Us!

It’s Teacher’s Day for all the Indians today. The day usually celebrates and acknowledges all the teachers who play a pivotal role in everyone’s life. However, with time, the meaning of teachers have changed. For some people, their best friend, parents, life, setbacks, bosses and anything can be the guiding catalyst. Today, we will talk about the Professor from Money Heist. The guardian angel, played by Álvaro Morte of La Casa de Papel, has taught us some great lessons in life.

1. Self-belief


As human beings, we all need to be validated. It’s easy for others to believe in us, but self-belief doesn’t come easy. When Professor forms his gang in Money Heist, some of them had no clue what to do in life. They had doubts and lack of self-trust. But Álvaro Morte‘s words and encouraging persona in the series is an ointment to those who do not believe in themselves.

2. How to stay calm

A lot of people are impulsive by nature. They react quickly, panic easily and get angry in no second. But here’s Professor who showed us that losing one’s mind in a tricky situation will only worsen things. It’s quite rare in La Casa de Papel he loses his calm. The art of staying cool and composed is something to imbibe in ourselves from the most intelligent man on the show.


3. Focus in life

If you are a fan of Money Heist, you must have noticed the Professor has set many ground rules for his gang members. It’s just like the rules we all have followed in school, we follow at our workplace and in life. Deep down, no one likes them. But Professor has shown in the series why they are necessary. Breaking rules sound fun and cool, but the consequences followed are hard to handle. Whenever his gang member broke a rule, it has only caused damage. So, remember in Álvaro Morte’s voice – Rules are essential.

4. To stick together

This lesson applies to all. Often when we have projects in school or have to work as a team in the office, there arise differences. Sometimes, everything comes on one member, or there will be someone trying to bring another person down. All this leads to one big thing – FAILURE. In La Casa de Papel, Professor is the glue that holds together everyone even though he’s not physically present there. Every time, the gang member have gone against each other, or one person tried to take the lead, plans have gone haywire. During such times, Professor taught them and us why a team should work together to get a desirable outcome.

5. One step ahead

We all joke about the phrase ‘everything is a part of the plan’. This happens whenever things go wrong in Money Heist, and Álvaro Morte’s Professor says those words! But here’s an important lesson to learn from him. It shows how the Professor thinks ten steps ahead of everyone around him. He prepares himself for loss and failure. He feels terrible when things go out of his hands, but he already knows what to do next.
Similarly, in life, one should not give up. They should be focused so much that they think of every possible outcome that can come as an obstacle in their path. That’s how one learns to master the art of success!

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