Friends are an important part of our lives no matter if you’re an introvert or a raving extrovert, we all have friends who have helped us get through the worse times in life. In the recent times of social distancing where its safer for you and you’re friends to keep distance, we’re sure you miss them!

Hence we’ve picked out five shows from the Indian series space that continue to give us some major friendship goals along with providing the perfect mix of entertainment in the time of social distancing!

Missing Friends While Social Distancing? These 5 DESI Shows Could Be Your Antidote
Missing Friends While Social Distancing? These 5 DESI Shows Could Be Your Antidote


Four More Shots Please!

We all have had days where work has got the worst out of us and all that we need is a cool down session over a few (or many) drinks with our besties. Relatable much? Four More Shots Please! is one such show where four girls come together and form this amazing bond of friendship in one such drunken escapade. They experience love, laughter, heartbreak and friendship together while having each other’s back, just like our friends. Watch this super-relatable show on Amazon Prime Video with its much-awaited second season all set to launch next month.

Girls Hostel


Remember the last time you had a sleepover with your girlfriends and how fun it was? Now imagine instead of one night you do that for as long as you’re studying and staying at a hostel. TVF and Girliyapa’s Girls Hostel will take you on the ride of your life with a whole lot of drama and laughter that you simply won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen. Watch a bunch of girls, from completely different backgrounds, come together to create some nonsense and light-hearted banter as they live their best and worst of days in a hostel.

Class of 2020

The newest web series on this list is Class of 2020 by ALTBalaji. This coming-of-age teenage drama will take you back to college days where life was filled with silly drama and lots of peer pressure. The show revolves around a group of adolescents and their battle as their lives get interweaved with drugs, connections, sex, and relationships. The web-series is loaded up with heaps of genuine occasions of fun, love, and kinship that these youngsters face face in their day-to-day life.

The Trip

Let’s talk about some #Girlsquad goals, shall we? The Trip, which is already out with its second season, is the story of 4 girls who decide to take a trip together. Fast forward to some drinks later and these gang of girls waking up at places where they don’t even remember visiting leading to a whole lot of commotion and confusion. With some interesting incidents revolving around hangovers and romance along with the journey to find one’s self, The Trip will make you realise the importance of having good friends in your life. This desi version of Hangover with an all-girls cast will make you want to plan a trip with your squad right away.

Hostel Daze

Since we have already given you the take of hostel life from a girl’s point of view, let us also watch this insanely-entertaining web series by TVF on fun-filled adventures inside a boy’s hostel. This web series will make us experience the life of an engineering hostel with a heavy dose of humour that will see us smile from ear to ear.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a huge tub of popcorn, open a bottle of wine and get binging already!!!

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