MX Player is constantly producing new shows that you should definitely add to your binge-watch list! One of the must-watch in this list is Naveen Kasturia, Shravan Reddy starrer Thinkistan. The first season of the web series was intriguing and left people wanting for more. And much to their surprise, the team announced the second season of the series titled Kiska Hoga Thinkistan.

The second season saw new entries like Neil Bhoopalam and Kabir Bedi adding extra drama to the story line. Naveen Kasturi and Shravan Reddy character’s Amit and Hema yet again try to resolve the conflict and choose between friendship and ambition. The second season streamed online on September 6 and we are listing you six things that make this show relatable and worth a watch

Kiska Hoga Thinkistan- Season 2: 6 things that make this show relatable AF!
Kiska Hoga Thinkistan Season 2: 6 Things That Make This Show Relatable AF!

The all-so-important presentation at 7 pm: Come hail, come fire or come your birthday – the boss will always insist on having all the important presentations at 7 pm! Right! While you look forward to leaving the workplace, you suddenly have to wait back with your boss for a presentation. There simply is no balancing work and play. There are many times in the show when you will see this and may even hate Neil’s character William for it.

Flexible work timings are a myth: All those promises of work from home, flexible work timing culture and all that HR propaganda never sees the light of day because “Approval by your manager” is a tough business to achieve. Long hours at work are stressful and no one better than the employees of MTMC to know it.

When the boss favours your favourite co-worker/ friend but not you: We all have been a victim of this at some point in time, right? Its that annoying feeling when your boss keeps picking your favourite co-worker/friend but you. Deciding whether to be happy for your friend or be upset about the lack of confidence in your work seriously makes office even more difficult! Hema and Amit’s story is only and only this and we are sure you will relate to either of them for sure!

Working holidays: Who even came up with this concept! You can clearly see the irony there! Right? Its really understand that if it’s a holiday, why does the boss expect people to work! And if it’s meant to be a normal working day then why is it called a HOLIDAY!

Give the Credit Where It is Due: Ever thought that your idea is great, but your boss throws it out of the window? The next thing you know – the same idea is pitched ahead and the credit is never given to you. We’re sure you will empathize with Hema who is facing a similar challenge with William.

Crazy office colleagues: By choice or not, we all find goof friend in our colleagues. After all, office co-workers are now a whole new category of human beings. The Ciggie breaks friends, chai pe charcha friends, chatty lunches and unplanned drinking sessions with friends – these guys make work feel like fun. Watch Hema, Sneha, Aashiq, Amit, & Sonam trying to get along with each other and their new boss while struggling through the madness of the advertising world.

So these are a few reasons why you should watch Thinkistan season 2 if you haven’t watched it yet! Go watch it right away and let us know what do you think about it in the comments section below.

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