Kavita Radheshyam's Ashuddhi - a perfect fusion of erotica, thriller and horror
Kavita Radheshyam’s Ashuddhi – Mixes Up Shades Of Erotica, Thriller & Horror!

Actress and producer Kavita Radheshyam is going places like how. After impressing one and all with her oomph avatar in Ullu web series, Kavita Bhabhi, she is now raising the bar with her new erotica thriller-horror series Ashuddhi, again on the same OTT.

Kavita, already a known name in the south film industry has played the layered character Vidya very well, bringing out her devilish as well as the nymphomaniac elements with supreme confidence.



She and director Faisal Saif have also ensured that the making out parts look sensuous and not vulgar, which unfortunately happens a lot with our desi webspace.

The actor within Kavita flourishes as the four-episode series reaches a climax leaving you shell- shocked (Human sacrifice). Sometimes, she gives her co-star Hiten Tejwani, a well-known TV star real run for his money and occasionally even overshadowing him.

Her scenes with other lead Chandana Gowda have also come out well. Kudos to both of them for being comfortable in the lesbian lovemaking sequences. Sources on-set informed us that Kavita went out of her way to make Chandana feel at home. Her past erotica experience came in handy.

Kavita Radheshyam's Ashuddhi - a perfect fusion of erotica, thriller and horror
Kavita Radheshyam’s Ashuddhi – a perfect fusion of erotica, thriller and horror

Kavita Radheshyam has also for the first time blown the lid on a secret organization (Illuminati) through Ashuddhi which might have a sequel as well.

Erotic content usually does not boast of a great story. Still, producer Kavita has ensured that that along with action between the sheets there is a strong plot with enough jokes (digs on TV actors) to keep the momentum going. Actually, towards the fag end, the steamy stuff reduces. All this is indicative of the maturing of desi web content. Kudos to Kavita and her team for biting that bullet.

Kavita’s association with series presenter Nivedita Basu further helped the show getting a lot of creative value.

Director Faisal has done a superb job of keeping the story taut which this thriller with supernatural elements requires. I am sure we will get much more of the latter in subsequent seasons.

The first season ends at the perfect note setting the stage for much more action down the road. Here we wish to add that the makers have taken pain to tie up most untied ends which afflicts thriller writing genre in India.

Also, team Kavita did not get space greedy and capped the first season in four episodes which allowed them to tell the story just right. Had this stretched for six to eight instalments the narrative would have meandered.

Overall, Ashuddhi is a perfect recipe for wholesome entertainment, la Ullu style.
This is what makes Ashuddhi a must watch this weekend !

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