It’s just one life, so actress Mona Singh, of “Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin” fame, wants to try everything — from producing shows on the digital platform to opening a cafe of her own.


It was back in 2003 when Mona burst onto the television scene as Jassi who sported ill-fitted clothes, black spectacles and flaunted braces while smiling. Since then she has won a dance-based reality show, hosted shows, featured in movies including Aamir Khan-starrer “3 Idiots“, played multiple “challenging” roles on stage and done web series.

Mona Singh wants to open cafe, produce web series
“It’s just one life, I want to try out everything”: Mona Singh

What’s left?

“I want to start a cafe of my own. It’s just one life. I want to try out everything. Whatever works, good — and whatever doesn’t work, I will learn. Nowadays everybody is getting health conscious. I am not talking about that, but something which is organic. I enjoy creating stuff in my kitchen so, it won’t be that tough,” Mona told IANS in a telephonic interview from Mumbai.

Her to-do list also includes donning the producer’s hat.

“I would definitely want to produce something on the digital platform. Maybe I will start with a short story and then get into series. I haven’t given it a solid thought. I have an idea in my head. I would love to do that,” she said.


Hailing the digital space, she said: “Digital is… good for actors who are always hungry for good content. I am very happy with this new change taking place in India.”

She is currently seen in the series titled “Yeh Meri Family“, which is streamed on TVF Play app and their website.

“It has seven episodes and is set in 1998 in Jaipur,” she shared.

Recalling her childhood days, the daughter of a retired army officer said: “They were very simple days. There were no mobile phones back then. We had tape recorders and VCR players.

“We used to sit and watch movies together. We used to wait to go to our grandparents’ house during summer vacation.”

The 36-year-old plays a mother to three children in the series.

“I have already done that (played a mother in ‘Kya Huaa Tera Vaada’). But it is just that TV is very different from digital. Digital is more about real acting and believable incidents. It is light comedy. It is about getting emotional and other factors. It’s not just drama,” she said.

“I play a mother who is very strict with her kids. She always has chores planned for her kids… right from the time they wake up to the time they sleep, how she brings the family together and instils family values in kids.”

Her role reminded her of childhood days when her mother used to shout at her.

“It was a great challenge for me to take up to play a strict mother to three kids. The director used to keep telling me ‘Mona, say this line with more anger.’ I used to go back home and tell mum, ‘Mamma, I am playing you’.”

Would she be like that in real life too?

“I don’t know. I spoil my niece and nephew. My sister is very strict with them. I guess when I become a mother, I will be the same,” said Mona, who was called “mummy” on the series’ set by almost everyone.

The “Kavach…Kaali Shaktiyon Se” actress does less fiction shows on the small screen. Why?

“The reason is the content. I love experimenting… and challenging roles. There is nothing really of that sort happening on TV. I did ‘Kavach…’ because I wanted to experience what it is like to be a part of a supernatural show. Yes, I enjoyed the stint but I don’t see myself doing just that. Right now TV is all about supernatural and mythology shows. I can’t relate to those shows,” she said.




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