FRIENDS: Here Is Why Fans Think That Ross & Rachel Were Cursed
FRIENDS: Some Fan Theories Prove That Ross & Rachel Were Cursed, Here Is Why?(Pic Credit: Youtube/Netflix)

Everyone has to agree when we say that Ross Geller and Rachel Green were meant to be in the popular sitcom FRIENDS. It’s always a great time to watch another episode of the show and the debate about the characters taking a break from each other still rages on.

Even though Rachel and Joey dated for a while, everyone always knew that Ross and Rachel would be one of the couples left standing by the series finale. But did you know that fans have come up with a theory which states that Ross and Rachel were cursed be true? Keep scrolling further.

There are countless episodes of FRIENDS that fans love thinking about. One of them was when the gang learned about Monica and Chandler’s romance. Another one was the very first episode. Viewers learn about Ross and Monica’s high school friend Rachel and how her life has become a mess since she decided not to go through with her wedding day. Now Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe are going to hang out all the time, and Rachel’s inclusion in the group will have a powerful impact on everyone.

According to a fan theory, Ross opened an umbrella in FRIENDS’ pilot episode, which led to a curse. They wrote, “When Ross is in the coffee shop meeting Rachel, his umbrella opens up unexpectedly, inside; this begins a 7-year bad luck streak with Rachel. Once the curse is lifted, Rachel tells Ross that he’s going to be a father.” Some fans of the show were happy to hear this theory. One shared, “I love this”, and another said it was a “favourite fan theory.”

Another fan theory, from a thread on Reddit, suggests that Ross assumed he and Rachel could date other people while on a break because that’s what he and his ex Carol did back when they were in college. The fan said that he didn’t realize that Rachel would find this upsetting, as he and Carol wanted to date others and think more carefully about whether they were meant to be.

A third fan theory about Ross suggests that he didn’t have custody of his son, Ben, any longer. The fan wrote on Reddit, “FRIENDS was on for ten seasons, but Ben doesn’t show up in person after episode twelve of season eight. He’s only mentioned six times in the remaining fifty-four episodes after his last appearance.” The fan also made a good point: even though Ross and Rachel had their baby girl Emma, Emma and Ben didn’t meet each other on the show. This definitely seems like something that would have happened.

What do you think about this theory? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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