Sayani Gupta along with her girl squad including Bani J, Kirti Kulhari and Manvi Gagroo are all set to be back with their upcoming chick flick series, Four More Shots Please! Season 2. The show revolves around 4 friends who face different kind of obstacles in their personal as well as professional front but emerge victorious over it all with each other’s help.

Koimoi got into an exclusive conversation with the actress, and spoke to her regarding her character in Four More Shots Please! Season 2 and so much more. If you remember, the last episode of Season 1 ended up with the girl squad breaking all stereotypes and taboo as they screamed the term ‘vagina’ publicly creating a revolution by themselves.

EXCLUSIVE! Sayani Gupta On Four More Shots Please! Season 1 Finale Scene: "Don’t Think Screaming Vagina Is Really Changing..."
EXCLUSIVE! Sayani Gupta On Four More Shots Please! Season 1 Finale Scene: “Don’t Think Screaming Vagina Is Really Changing…”


Asked if there’s any revolution as a society that we have witnessed in today’s time, Sayani said, “I don’t think screaming ‘vagina’ is really changing anything honestly, that’s my perspective. Even if people do, the good thing is it’s you body part at the end, so why not be able to say ‘vagina’? A lot of men, and men have sex with vaginas, right? How many people can you imagine saying the word aloud, or even what’s in their underwear? So, it’s a huge taboo with the word because ironically, you come out of that vagina. I meant it’s the uterus but it’s the same space where we come out of. It’s strange but the good thing in the last two years is the #MeToo movement and #Timesup movement, that have started the conversation about women equality and our rights.”


The actress plays the role of Damini, a passionate journalist who faces a lot of obstacles as she goes onto break or report the ugly truth. She is even removed from the company that she has herself founded, over her desire to continue ethical journalism.

Asked if she would play any else character apart from her own, Sayani Gupta said it would be difficult to imagine herself as anyone but Damini.

“It wasn’t difficult honestly is sitting and walking and dancing in those stilettoes. I hate that honestly, it’s horrible. I hate heels, I hate the person who has invented heels,” she shared when asked how difficult it was to play a South Bombay girl.

Four More Shots Please! Season 2 premieres on 17th April, 2020 on Amazon Prime.



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