'Daayan' actress Anupama Solanki reveals how 'Jamtara' saved her from a 'potential fraud'
‘Daayan’ actress Anupama Solanki reveals how ‘Jamtara’ saved her from a ‘potential fraud’ (Photo Credit: Instagram; IMDb)

Actress Anupama Solanki, who is known for working in shows such as ‘Daayan’, ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ and ‘Vighnaharta Ganesha’, said that the Netflix series ‘Jamtara’, which talks about financial frauds, actually helped her in real life too.

“I love the Netflix series ‘Jamatra’ because it portrays a group of uneducated individuals perpetrating scams on educated urban dwellers. The show teaches several lessons,” she said.

Anupama Solanki added: “Firstly, it highlights that fraudsters often possess a level of cunning intelligence, necessitating that one must be even more astute to outsmart them. An instance from my personal experience during the COVID-19 lockdown exemplifies this. I sold a cupboard on OLX to free up space in my room, and a potential buyer quickly showed interest.”

Anupama Solanki added: “He claimed to be an army officer who had recently moved to Mumbai and urgently required the furniture, he conversed maturely and made an immediate offer without haggling. Initially, I was elated, though a hint of suspicion lingered. He even sent me a token payment of 1 rupee via Google Pay, further bolstering my trust.”

But things started to look strange soon, she said, “However, his narrative soon turned toward government-issued barcodes for official transactions. Although my faith in him persisted due to his army officer status, a nagging intuition questioned the story’s authenticity.”

“The absence of negotiations followed by the sudden introduction of barcodes seemed unusual. Guided by my gut feeling, I resorted to a different account with no funds. This decision, driven by caution, eventually safeguarded my hard-earned money from potential fraud,” she continued.

Anupama Solanki added: “This is precisely why I appreciate Jamatra on Netflix. Its portrayal of such schemes serves as a reminder for all to be vigilant against scams. While I do admire the show’s content, I believe that such informative series should also be available on YouTube, ensuring a wider reach and helping people protect their finances.”

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