Chemical Hearts: 5 Points About Lili Reinhart & Austin Abrams' Upcoming Romantic Show That Will Melt Your HeartChemical Hearts: 5 Points About Lili Reinhart & Austin Abrams' Upcoming Romantic Show That Will Melt Your Heart
Chemical Hearts: 5 Points About Lili Reinhart & Austin Abrams’ Upcoming Romantic Movie That Will Melt Your Heart

Feel like cosying up in your blanket with a hot cup of coffee and longing for that warm and fuzzy feeling of love? Well, this socially-distancing monsoon may be a tad bit annoying if you’re a sucker for romance. But for now, we can all stream away our sorrows as Amazon Prime Video takes us through an incredible coming-of-age teen drama with ‘Chemical Hearts’. Packed with a roller coaster of emotions that each one of us has felt at some point of our life, here’s a relatable romedy that will remind us of our first love and the complexities that come with it.

Starring one of Hollywood’s most exciting young actors – Lili Reinhart and the Euphoria actor to watch out for – Austin Abrams, here are 5 things to know about this new-age teen drama if you’re a hopeless romantic just like us.

Lili Reinhart’s first feature film as an executive producer

After winning everyone’s hearts around the world playing Betty Cooper in Riverdale, this multifaceted artist is all set to mark her debut as an executive producer. Heading the mantle as the lead actress as well as producing it, Lili has quickly amassed an impressive portfolio for herself. Portraying a character named Grace Town, she plays a transfer student with a cane and a don’t-mess-with-me attitude, who has a heart-breaking secret that has upended her life.

Based on the novel – Our Chemical Hearts

Chemical Hearts is based on a 2016 novel of an irresistible story of first love and broken hearts named ‘Our Chemical Hearts’ by author Krystal Sutherland. The novel had a bittersweet ending and aims at helping you find the courage to feel strong enough and accept your weaknesses. If the recent films have proved anything, it’s that the best-selling novels always make for a fascinating watch.

Richard Tanne, director of Southside With You

Richard Tanne gained immense critical acclaim for his directorial debut ‘Southside With You’, which was a romantic drama about Barack and Michelle Obama’s first date. Now with his second film, the writer and director is reaching for the skies with yet another romantic drama. But this time there’s a twist that you never saw coming. From exploring romance in the times of younger Obamas to the complicated love stories faced by the millennial generation, Richard sure has a range to showcase.

Not just your regular teenage drama

The film, much like the novel, explores the feeling of being in limbo that every teenager faces while growing up. It isn’t just the average boy meets girl love story, but a coming-of-age film that takes a deep dive into how one deals internally with an abundance of these overwhelming emotions.

Inclusion of a Disabilities Specialist and raising awareness on mental health

Not only is the film trying to showcase the emotional vulnerabilities through the raw representation of trauma and depression with much ease, but also hoping to start a conversation around it. The filmmakers made it a point to hire a disabilities specialist as a consultant, to ensure that Reinhart’s portrayal of the people with acquired disabilities was completely authentic and respectful. Kudos to the team for that!

While we wrap our head around these mind-boggling thoughts, we can’t wait to watch Chemical Hearts on August 21, only on Amazon Prime Video.

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