Mappa's Chainsaw Man Anime Discloses Makima's Powers In Its Latest Episode
Anime Chainsaw Man Discloses The Mysterious Powers Of Its Leading Lady Makima In Episode 9(Photo Credit –Still From Show)

Studio Mappa’s latest anime series Chainsaw Man has become one of the popular running anime series for the otakus. With each episode, the plot thickens as it approaches the season finale. Finally, the anime series gave the audience a glimpse of Makima’s powers.

For the unversed, the anime Chainsaw Man revolves around Denji, who is also the chainsaw man after his father committed suicide, owing a massive debt to a yakuza. Denji takes up the job of devil hunting for that same mafia to pay off his late father’s debt and befriends a dog-chainsaw demon Pochita. During one of the assignments, he is ambushed and killed when he makes a contract with his demon dog, thereby getting a new life and the power to transform into Chainsaw Man.



The latest episode saw the continuation of the last/eighth episode, where the chainsaw man came face to face with the katana man in Tokyo, and Himeno died in Tokyo. On the other hand, on her way to Kyoto, Makima, the senior member of the Public Safety Devil Hunters and leader of the experimental unit of Tokyo Special Division 4, gets shot in the train along with her accomplices. The ninth episode picks up from there after showing a bit from the previous episode. Makima is finally seen using her devil contracts which is quite unsettling, as per reports by Sportskeeda. At the Kyoto station, a man named Tendo and a woman devil hunter await Makima’s arrival; they receive the news of Special Divisions 1’s assault in Tokyo.

In the last episode, where we saw Makima being shot, much to our shock and surprise, we saw Makima coming out of the train unharmed. The two associates in Kyoto ask her if she was shot when the train arrives at the station, and all the other passengers are in a frenzy. After being informed that Denji and others are under attack, Makima asks Tendo to bring 30 convicts, and she will do ‘what she can from Kyoto’. She also asks for a clean pair of clothes and meets up at the nearest temple at the highest altitude. Makima somehow connects the bodies of the convicts with the cronies of the teenage girl and Katana Man back in Tokyo, thereby killing them one by one from Kyoto.

In the previous episode, we saw Kobeni do nothing much but cry; well, she overcame that and got to shine in this episode and proved to the audience and the anime fans why Himeno picked her to be a part of her team. She showed her enhanced agility, which helped her dodge the Snake devil’s tail with an unimaginable speed that appeared in this episode, which even made the Katana Man call her a monkey.

This is the first time Makima’s powers have been shown on screen; the anime series by Mappa has exceeded fans‘ expectations with its combination of 2D and 3D animations, not to forget the camera frames and angles and realistic colour palette used in the anime. Mappa is known for its animation; even in Attack on Titan, Mappa excelled in the visual department. The Chainsaw Man is an anime adoption of the manga of the same name, and its creator is Tatsuki Fujimoto. The ninth episode, all in all, was quite intense, and the series will only have three more episodes in its maiden season.

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