Bigg Boss Fame Siddharth Bhardwaj & Vikas Gupta Indulge In Ugly Fight Over Rhea Chakraborty's Arrest
Bigg Boss Fame Siddharth Bhardwaj & Vikas Gupta Indulge In Ugly Fight Over Rhea Chakraborty’s Arrest(Pic credit: Instagram/theaslisidharth, lostboyjourney)

Rhea Chakraborty’s arrest by Narccotics Control Bureau has initiated a debate in the entertainment world. While some people are supporting the arrest, others are openly posting against it by using #justiceforrhea. Recently, television producer Vikas Gupta and Bigg Boss 5 contestant Siddharth Bhardwaj got into a fight regarding the same.


While Vikas is openly celebrating Rhea’s arrest, Sidharth is vocal about justice for Rhea. It all started when Vikas Gupta shared a post by by Suchitra Krishnamoorthi asking Rhea’s supporters to come out and name those who are involved, while asking how this is suddenly a case of patriarchy?

Vikas shared the post on his page and tweeted, “Weed is being made as casual as bubblegum which it isn’t & double standard of #FakeFeminism brigade shows their reality. CBI is yet to disclose what happened to #SushantSinghRajput till then @suchitrak has quite appropriately tweeted on #Patriarchy & #RheaChakraborty Please Read.” Have a look at the tweet below.


Seeing Vikas Gupta’s post, Siddharth Bhardwaj couldn’t keep calm and reverted on Vikas’s post. The Bigg Boss 5 contestant wrote, “How many parties have you been in where people are doing coke very casually??did you walk out of there ?? Did you call the cops on them!!?? Let’s not even get know what you are trying to sell here and it is costing somebody their entire life!!” Have a look at Siddharth’s post below.

The argument didn’t end here, Vikas reverted, “Actually I have never been to a party as such where people are doing coke and have let me know the same Sid because they do know my reputation that I might spoil the party. So they don’t invite me. That probably is the reason why you & I have never hung out as well #VG”.

Siddharth Bhardwaj then wrote, “We never hung out cause hanging out in the Marriott spa with you was never my idea or need !! However there are a few you hung out with and they would be happy to testify..there are other ways of gaining publicity then someone’s death and a girl’s life..don’t stoop so low.”

Vikas Gupta took a personal offense on this and wrote, ” when people like you have nothing else this is the best you can come up with. Attack on my personal life. You think you can shame me into silence & for my sexuality. Idiot I am not closeted like your friends. So it’s your gang trying to threaten me. Darr gaya main #VG”. & Sid you should be ashamed of yourself. I am the same guy who you thanked cause of my 2 hour lecture I gave you of wasting your life and not focusing on Your health and appearance. WAITING FOR AT LEAST ONE NAME WHO IS GOING TO TESTIFY. Really you are threatening me about your friends testifying against me for playing ludo in Marriot Spa. Say it here loud and clear and names of your friends if there is any truth in it. Names and what crime are they testifying for. I AM WAITING.”

Sidharth clarified, “It is not the sexuality I have a problem with!it is the MENTALITY!!you can sleep with goats for all I care buddy,it is your life..get over self victimisation!It is 2020 the sexuality card is freaking old BRO! Also, Your whole justice game is about getting followers as you see that is where the majority is inclined towards BUT this time there are other people’s lives involved and I never thought you would go this low for the sake of followers and attention.”

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