Aligarh Writer Apurva Asrani Recalls Meeting Juno Star Elliot Page: "He Was Happy To See my Partner"(Pic credit: Instagram/apurva_asrani, Getty Images)
Aligarh Writer Apurva Asrani Recalls Meeting Juno Star Elliot Page When He Was Ellen(Pic credit: Instagram/apurva_asrani, Getty Images)

Juno actor Elliot Page, who was previously known as Ellen Page, recently declared himself as a transgender on a social media post. She had expressed her gratitude for supporters in the transgender community for helping her to find her authentic self. The writer of the film Aligarh Apurva Asrani recalls meeting him at his Mumbai home a few years ago.



After Elliot took to Twitter and shared a long post declaring himself as transgender, several Hollywood stars, like Hugh Jackman to Mark Ruffalo, James Gunn to Ian McKellen, Ellen DeGeneres, Miley Cyrus and many others sent him their best wishes.

As stated by Spotboye, Apurva Asrani had a long conversation with Elliot Page regarding the state of India’s LGBTQ situation. Both also talked about the archaic Article 377 which was still in force back then. During the conversation, the Juno star also appreciated the filmmaker for being an uncloseted homosexual in spite of 377 was in place.

Recalling the conversation with Elliot Page, Apurva Asrani told the publication, “He was very happy to see my partner and I celebrating the day with our parents and was trying to understand how we could be so open when the law was against us.”

As per the report, the director also praised Elliot’s nature and said, “What struck me was how down-to-earth and simple Elliot was. He didn’t demand special attention, dressed simply and talked to everyone sincerely. He even brought presents for my pet Doobie.”

The national-award-winning filmmaker also talked about LGBTQ situation prevailing in the film industry with the publication in 2016. He said, “Our film industry like most movie industries in the world employs a sizable number of gay and bisexual men & women. Some of these filmmakers, actors and technicians are known for their attention to detail, while others create dynamic female characters. Many do song and dance with great aplomb.”

Apurva further said, “While all of this is wonderful, it has a flip side. Owing to outdated ideas of morality, and also criminalizing of same-sex unions, most of our filmy gay folk are closeted. Some get married early and avoid questions; others stay single but create smokescreens from time to time, always worrying that they will get ‘exposed’.”

Apurva Asrani continuing on the subject also explained, “This gives rise to a kind of homophobia, whereas they will not associate openly with an ‘out’ gay person for fear of being discovered by association. This also ensures that they create gay characters in films that either ridicule themselves or are there only for villainous purposes. This continues the vicious cycle of homophobia in society.”

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