Tamil superstar Vijay on Tuesday welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation move and said it will uplift the Indian economy.


However, he wished it could have been planned in a way that the common man didn’t suffer.

“I welcome demonetisation. It will certainly uplift Indian economy and I think this is a much-needed and bold move,” Vijay told the media here.

Demonetisation will boost Indian economy: Actor Vijay
Demonetisation will boost Indian economy: Actor Vijay

“I wish it was planned well. People are finding it difficult to buy medicine, which is a basic necessity. As many as 80 per cent of people are suffering because of wrong committed by 20 per cent of the population.”

He feels the government should have foreseen the problems faced by the public.

“I really felt bad when I heard that an old man died because he couldn’t conduct the wedding of his granddaughter. In another case, a baby died in a hospital because her family didn’t have new currency for treatment,” he said.

“It required a lot of planning much in advance to ensure the common man didn’t suffer.”





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