#SandalwoodDrugScandal: Sanjjanaa Galrani To Be Summoned By CCB?
#SandalwoodDrugScandal: Sanjjanaa Galrani To Be Summoned By CCB? (Photo Credit: Instagram/Sanjjanaa Galrani)

The Sandalwood Drug scandal is mustering all the headlines these days as every day there is a new development in the case. As per the recent reports, famous actress Sanjjanaa Galrani’s assistant Rahul has been arrested by the Central Crime Branch (CCB) in connection to the drug racket case in Bangalore. Read the article to know more.


After Rahul got arrested by the officials for his alleged role in supplying drugs in parties, Sanjjanna has come under the CCB’s radar.


According to a report published in Filmibeat.com, Sanjjanaa Galrani is most likely to get summons by the CCB in connection to the Sandalwood Drug scandal. Meanwhile, Sanjjanaa has issued a public statement to media that reads

“Hi to my dear media friends,

Some media people are calling me again and again to give a statement on the current drug scandel in sandalwood. I am refraining myself from the same. It does not mean I am afraid it clearly means that I don’t want cheap publicity and don’t want to be seen as a spokes person in any or every cheap topic. I don’t like to be harsh to my media friends but they are not giving me a choice but to cut their calls.”

Sanjjanaa Galrani’s statement continued reading, “Also a certain gentleman named Prashanth sambargi I don’t even know who he is, on asking people I was told he is a broker who works as a servant to politicians, I heard him talking indirectly in the media saying Ganda Hendati heroine has done only one movie please enquire her, It’s very sad kindly check my Wikipedia I have done over 50 projects including 43 films which include films with Shivanna, Darshan sir, Pawan kalyan sir, prabhas raju, mohan lal sir, Mamooty sir and several other television projects which includes big boss with Sudeep sir & also includes many respected artist in south India.”

She added, “And also worked recently in Hindi on Colours Channel Hindi which makes me a panchabhaashay star. Certain people like Mr Prashanth have been taken to task by our respectful producers in our Filmchamber they do not belong to the Film Industry and they just come at the cost of Rs.200 to news channels. For free publicity during sensitive times that the film industry has and to encash on attacking only on Heroins thinking we as heroine are week & dumb. He does not even have the guts to tell my name that is how small he is. There fore – my parents taught me when I was young “if the dog on the street is barking on you don’t remove your clothes and bark back at the dog, learn to ignore it and move on.”

Sanjjanaa Galrani continued, “I do not want to reply to any of them, I don’t have to prove myself or my success. I know I am not Aishwarya Rai but as Sanjjanaa Galrani I have made my name Made my followers even today by gods grace I have 2 releases in kannada 2 releases in tamil & starting my next Hindi project after the success of my Hindi show mujhse shaadi karogi on colours channel Hindi. I have worked very very hard to be successful every single year of my life.”

She continued, “And I was told how come I have three cars and one big house in Indra Nagar. By gods grace I have much more than just 1 home. I am working from 16 years in the film industry, I can prove you my every penny I have earned with my bank statements and every property I have is legalised. If any thing found unresonable it will be questioned by Incometax department, not from other brokers on the street like such a person.”

Talking about the dugs topic, Sanjjanaa Galrani’s statement read, “Finally coming to the drug topic, of course I have seen people drinking alcohol and parting in get togeather in clubs socializing, birthday party functions etc, but beyond that when I have nothing to do with it or no such “drugs” experience it’s very irritating to get forced in media to talk about some thing you don’t know. I’m very saddened that our kannada industry name is dragged into this and defamed which is a temple for me & I am who I am because of the kannada industry is getting defamed because of such topics.”

The statement added, “Also requesting the media to refrain Chiranjeevi Sarja’s name from this topic, his family is in great agony after the death of Chiru. Let his soul rest in peace after his death. Let’s not Harass his family further in such times of unbearable loss of Chiru himself.”

Sanjjanaa Galrani continued, “Rahul who is in the news and is associated with me is my rakhi brother he is a good boy, he calls me Akka. He is into real estate, he likes to party. Yes he likes to show off yes if he does some achievement worth 1 rupee he will show off it like 1 crore achievement on social media… He is very very funny guy and jovial person. And as far as it has come to my knowledge I know there is no way he has any thing to do with this drug scandal … he is a scape goat because he is very popular in social media … I know there will be reaction of my press note of certain jobless people, how ever this one letter is my full and final answer.”

Sanjjanaa Galrani concluded her statement saying, “Therefore I would like to end this discussion saying kindly do not drag my name dear media friends because of the influence of some bloody fool who is a nobodies. I’m starting shooting shortly and I am focusing on working very very hard with my workout with looking good and with my dialogue practises because I’m shooting something in Hindi. Please wish me luck for my new venture & I need your blessings thank u.”

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