5 Reasons To Watch Nivin Pauly's Gut-Wrenching Drama 'Moothon' Right Now!
5 Reasons To Watch Nivin Pauly’s Gut-Wrenching Drama ‘Moothon’ Right Now!

Moothon is a heartbreaking story of a young boy Mulla who goes to Mumbai to find his long lost elder brother Akbar. With no possible contacts except for a phone number of Amina, Akbar’s alleged love interest, Mulla finds himself suffering on the streets of Kamathipura. The movie is critically acclaimed and has bagged three awards recently at the New York Indian Film Festival. Written and directed by Geetu Mohandas, the movie is not something to be missed, here are five reasons to watch the film on Zee5 right now.


1. The righteousness of Story:

The first half of the Story gives a major Salaam Bombay vibe, but as the Story progresses, we realize that the movie is not only an extension of Mira Nair’s Salaam Bombay, but it goes beyond it. The Story has unexpected turns, be it Mulla’s gender identity or Akbar’s forbidden love for Ameer, it’s only the righteousness of the Story that will keep you glued to the movie throughout.

2. Heartfelt Emotions:


It is only because of the great performances by the cast that we could feel the human predicaments of emotions. Be it the dilemma of Akbar, silent sobs of Ameer, or helplessness in the disguise of the courage of Mulla; each emotion is portrayed authentically. Akbar’s lit face with shiny eyes in front of the mirror when he realizes that he could feel the beautiful emotion of love and Mulla’s bright face to see a friend in the end scene of the movie is something very pure. Nivin Pauly and Sanjana Dipu have completely deserved the awards for Best Actor and Best Child Actor respectively.

3. Deeper Conflicts:

Moothon has very beautifully shown the conflicts that go beyond worldly explanation. There is a scene where Ameer and Akbar are shown spending quality time with each other in the beautiful sea. We see Ameer coming closer to Akbar, getting vocal about his love but the moments of Akbar’s conflicted mind for the social acceptance of it is commendable. He pushes him away several times despite desperately wanting him before he finally gives in. In another scene, After Ameer’s marriage, when they meet, Ameer is hell-bent on running away with Akbar and making an abode away from societal norms, but Akbar refuses him. Emotions so much elude him that he couldn’t utter a single word, just managed to node in No.

4. Symbolism:

Mulla hallucinating a mermaid while drowning in the vast sea and fish itself coming into the boat of Akbar are some persuasive examples of symbolism that can be seen in the movie. Yet there is the last scene in the film when Mulla opens up the brothel door; all dressed up as a girl and smiles at his friend is something that is scary as it points out at the never-ending wheel of life’s unfair sufferings.

5. Contrasting Cinematography:

Rajeev Ravi’s visual grammar is mesmerizing as he has created a contrasting world of beautiful nature and undomesticated humans who are ready to reach any level for their survival. The shots of the sea where you see the pure feelings of Akbar and Ameer blooming to the Muslim rituals of hurting self, each shot is so commendable that it would take your breath away. The contrast here is, all the scenes taken by the sea are so peaceful that you immediately give yourself into it while the cruel red streets of Kamathipura will make you uncomfortable at the same time.

Moothon is available on Zee5 and deserves your watch. This is undoubtedly one of the best pieces of Malayalam cinema that have made its mark on the world level. This is not merely a movie, but an unexpected ride full of emotions. We are thankful to the filmmakers for letting us meet the characters and showing the hellholes they live in. This movie has made us uncomfortable to make us not to forget the incompleteness of life.

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