Upstarts Netflix Movie Review: Startups are the new cool in India and almost everyone has a friend who is bitten by this bug. Upstarts is a story of Kapil (Priyanshu Painyuli), his two friends Yash (Chandrachoor Rai) & Vinay (Shadab Kamal) who enter the world of startup after quitting their daily jobs. They have a pretty novel idea (Carrykaro) which all of them believe in but the issue of money makes them shut down their venture. As all of them try to come to the terms with life, Kapil meets a businessman named Veer Diwan (Rajeev Siddhartha) whom he manages to convince to invest in his business.

Looks like an end to all problems? But Upstarts tells the story beyond that. As the three friends explore the uncharted and exciting territory of startups, life throws them challenges which they were not ready for. Will, they successfully take on the challenges or will they fall apart? What happens eventually? Watch out Upstarts to know the answers.

Upstarts Netflix Movie Review: Watch It & You Will Start Loving Your 9-5 Job
Upstarts Netflix Movie Review: Watch It & You Will Start Loving Your 9-5 Job

Upstarts may look like that usual startup and friendship story which you have already seen but there’s more to it. At times, yes, there’s a lot common with what you have already seen but that’s okay because that’s the reality also. However, this movie does extremely well in putting light on the grim reality of the startup world and the challenges that entrepreneurs face even after the world thinks they are successful. The real game starts from there and Upstarts tells you about the personal & professional issues entrepreneurs face, the mental daemons they have to beat and to what extent this world can take a toll on their life.


It’s tough to watch a movie like this if you are expecting it to be just another Netflix film you want to watch to have a good time. With this, I don’t mean it’s a bad movie. It’s just not for you if you are not a startup guy. The message that Upstarts gives won’t be relatable for a lot of people but those who have actually spent a lot of time scratching their minds for ideas, preparing PPT’s for VCs, have failed or successful startups, they might actually like it. The only major flaw however with the screenplay is that it offers little to no humour.

Priyanshu Painyuli as Kapil is natural. He is convincing an entrepreneur who wants to make a positive change to society and wants to get rich as well. Kapil carries the traits of a good businessman and a good friend and Priyanshu has played his character very well.

Chandrachoor Rai gives another good performance as Yash who is one of the friends and is CTO of Carrykaro. He has brought the vulnerable side of the character convincingly. Shadab Kamal as third friend Vinay and COO is also good. Rajeev Siddhartha as Veer Diwan who is a typical businessman and sees nothing but his profits acts ably. Eijaz Khan will bring a smile on your face with his character arc.

Udai Singh Pawar has given an honest direction to the film and he deserves appreciation for this.

Overall, Upstarts is worth watching for all those who are bitten by the startup bug. It shows that your 9 AM to 5 PM job working culture is not the only bad thing. However, it offers very less on the entertainment part.

Rating: 3/5

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