Dark Desire Review: There's So Much S*x, You Struggle To Find Some Story!
Dark Desire Review: There’s So Much S*x, You Struggle To Find Some Story!


Dark Desire Review: Also called as Oscuro Deseo, released on Netflix on July 15. Is it worth your time? Read our review to find out.

Cast: Maite Perroni, Jorge Poza, Alejandro Speitzer, Erik Hayser


Directors: Epigmenio Ibarra, Kenya Márquez

Dark Desire Review: What is it about?

Dark Desire or Oscuro Deseo is a story of Alma (Maite Perroni), a woman married to Leonardo (Jorge Poza). The couple has a teenage daughter. One day, Alma spends her weekend with best friend, Brenda. She doubts Leo is having an affair with his secretary. Brenda tells her what stops her from having fun if Leo is doing what he wants to. She tells her best friend that if he is f*cking someone, she should do the same.

At night, they go to a club to have fun. That’s where Alma meets a 25-year-old Darío. She is hesitant at first. But eventually, the two end up having s*x that night. The reason she sleeps with another man is that she is angry with her Leo cheating on her. That’s just an excuse for the first time. All hell breaks loose when she finds out that her husband was never cheating on her.

Dark Desire Review: There's So Much S*x, You Struggle To Find Some Story!
Dark Desire Review: There’s So Much S*x, You Struggle To Find Some Story!

Dark Desire Review: What’s good?

The series starts on a thrilling note. The first scene is of cops arresting Alma. We are taken to what causes her arrest. The entire drama starts 6 weeks ago. So the build-up seems intriguing.

Performances are amazing and so is the music. It looks like a promising s*x and crime drama as that’s what they have promised us. The s*x scenes are sensual and passionate AF.

When Alma cheats on her husband, her brother-in-law questions her ‘How can you?’. She slams him saying why can’t she if her husband can? Just because she is a woman? She has to act as an ideal woman and have no desires in her life!

Dark Desire Review: What’s bad?

After a few episodes, the narration falls flat. The pace becomes slow and you lose patience. There are so many s*x scenes that you struggle to find some story. Eventually, you get bored to watch so much s*x. There’s a dialogue by Alma in the show. She tells her husband Leonardo, “All you think of is f*cking”. That’s what we want to say to the makers. I don’t have a problem with s*x scenes, but it was described as a Spanish version of You. You is an amazing stalker-drama and crime thriller. Hence, I was expecting a story that would astonish me. Even if the suspense gets dense later, you are worn out by then. 18 episodes is a lot for one show if the story seems stuck at the 7-8th episode. It becomes predictable too.

Dark Desire Review: Final word

If you are fond of erotica, this one is for you; with a little bit of thrill and suspense. Otherwise, you can skip it because you will strive for some story as I did. There is desire, but it misses the darkness that we see in the title.

Star Ratings: 1.5/5 Stars

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