V Movie Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and a Half star)

Star Cast: Nani, Sudheer Babu, Nivetha Thomas, Aditi Rao Hydari and ensemble

Director: Mohana Krishna Indraganti

Available On: Amazon Prime Video

V Movie Review: Nani & Sudheer Babu's Cop & Killer Chase Is Engaging In Parts But Highly Predictable
V Movie Review: Nani & Sudheer Babu’s Cop & Killer Chase Is Engaging In Parts But Highly Predictable

What’s Good: NANI!

What’s Bad: We have already seen this.

Loo Break: Not when you know Nani is about to take over the screen.

Watch or Not?: If the age-old concept of cop and mysterious killer chase still excites you, go in, V is made for you. And in case of a Nani fan, this character is a reason added to love his craft more.

User Rating:

A psycho/serial killer is on the loose (Nani); his identity is V, nothing more. He challenges the mighty and desirable cop of the town Adithya (Sudheer Babu). The cat and mouse chase begins, and the story unfolds.

V Movie Review: Nani & Sudheer Babu's Cop & Killer Chase Is Engaging In Parts But Highly Predictable
V Movie Review: Nani & Sudheer Babu’s Cop & Killer Chase Is Engaging In Parts But Highly Predictable

V Movie Movie Review: Script Analysis

The movie opens up in a riot, Sudheer’s Aditya takes down the baddies and goes shirtless while doing the same. The very first 5 minutes are enough to tell that this isn’t an everyday cop story. Adithya is rather more of a Bollywood cop. Chiselled body, loved personality, on the cover of magazines, more of an influencer type. So Mohana Krishna Indraganti, who has written and directed this drama, tells you to have the suspension of disbelief.

Coming to the complete conflict, the trailer was enough insight to understand that this is a good guy bad guy drama and a chase that leads to thrills. So when we are already aware of the dynamics, what matters is why. That is where the script falters.

Not that cop and killer is a bad idea to make even after so many years. But making it with the same grammar and the already seen storyline is. V for the significant part of it is Bollywood’s Ek Villain meets Raman Raghav 2.0. watch it to understand why I said that.

While I have mentioned Raman Raghav 2.0, V does get into the zone. The psychic of a killer is explored on the surface. There is even a conversation between the ‘good guy’ and the ‘bad guy’. But a more detailed journey into that dynamic which says we are the same versions taking the different paths would have made for a more engaging watch.

PS: My examples are Bollywood because V gets the same treatment.

V Movie Movie Review: Star Performance

It is a risky path to walk when the antagonist is the hero of the film, and Nani understands that. The actor seems to have researched and gotten into his character with finesse. The best part is that he isn’t mimicking any stereotype of a psycho killer. He has made his version, that is mad till a degree but highly intelligent for his good.

Sudheer Babu as Adithya the glamorised cop does as he is directed to. But at the scripting level, Nani gets to showcase a broad and robust range, whereas Sudheer’s Adithya falls flat in this department.

Nivetha Thomas, who gets a harmless character, plays the chirpy girl quite lovely, but the writing doesn’t take her ahead of that. Aditi Rao Hydari in an extended appearance looks ethereal but acts just like we have seen her in the past few films.

V Movie Movie Review: Direction, Music

Mohana Krishna Indraganti, who is the writer as well as a director, is highly inspired by the dramatics of thrillers. The filmmaker unapologetically adds drama in the scene, and it does make for a good watch for the fans of the genre. But, only dramatics don’t make good entertaining thrillers. He manages to translate his on paper material to the screen as expected, but it is all predictable.

Music by S Thaman and Amit Trivedi is good for the time being. But I am not sure about the shelve life of it. Cinematography by P.G. Vinda is a plus as it adds a lot to the movie-watching experience. His use of lights, camera placement, focus, everything is enjoyable.

V Movie Movie Review: The Last Word

V is a story we all have seen and can predict. So in case, you plan to watch it, watch it for entertainment and have the suspension of disbelief just like we had watched the late 2000s police dramas.

V Movie Trailer

V Movie releases on 05th September, 2020.

Share with us your experience of watching V Movie.

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