The Grudge Movie Review Rating: 1.5/5 Stars (One and a half stars!)

Star Cast: Andrea Riseborough, William Sadler, Demián Bichir, Lin Shaye, Jacki Weaver, Betty Gilpin, John Cho

Director: Nicolas Pesce

The Grudge Movie Review: Hollywood Seriously Needs Some Lessons From Bollywood's Bhatts!
The Grudge Movie Review: Hollywood Seriously Needs Some Lessons From Bollywood’s Bhatts!

What’s Good: Duration, 94 minutes!

What’s Bad: Wasting those 94 minutes!

Loo Break: Just go in, turn off lights & stay there for a while. That might be scarier than the movie

Watch or Not?: Go only if you’re enteric the cinema-hall for doing anything but watching the film


User Rating:

The story scales from 2004-2006 increasing your tension more to understand compared to the scares of awful (not in a scary way) ghosts. The film revolves around a couple of haunted houses set in the area of 44 Rayburn Drive. We’ve detectives Detective Muldoon (Andrea Riseborough) and Detective Goodman (Demián Bichir) working around the murder of a family in one of those houses. In a parallel track, we have a couple of Peter Spencer (John Cho) and Nina Spencer (Betty Gilpin) who are the realtors to These houses. They’re awaiting the birth of their child who’s highly predicted of being born with the disease of ALD.

The film starts with an explanation of how if someone’s killed out of rage, a curse is born. That house holds a grudge and whoever goes in it gets the curse of forever visualizing the dead people of the house. Now, what’s the best thing to do in this thing? Go away from the house but how that would’ve been an insult to the intelligence of Hollywood horror. You know what people do, go inside the house and ask if someone’s there. Yes, you dumb-head, it’s your death inside waiting with a glass of wine in her hand.

The Grudge Movie Review: Hollywood Seriously Needs Some Lessons From Bollywood's Bhatts!
The Grudge Movie Review: Hollywood Seriously Needs Some Lessons From Bollywood’s Bhatts!

The Grudge Movie Review: Script Analysis

The story moves back and forth more times than you can blink in a scene. The one-line idea of ‘house holding a grudge’ sounds nice & Takashi Shimizu’s Japanese version might have done justice to it. This one has plain boring predictable horror written all over it. The dumbness of getting children in front of the cars, pulling the blanket in a dark room continues with this one. If you want to scare us, at least use some new tricks!

As many routine horror movies, this one has some very unintentional hilarious sequences. For instance, the leading lady is washing her face in the basin clogged with water. The ghost comes from behind, chokes her in the water for a while and she gets her face out. What would a normal person do? Leave the world? She continues living her life at the same place thinking that might be a one-off thing. HOLLYWOOD really needs some lessons from Bollywood’s Bhatts.

The Grudge Movie Review: Star Performance

Andrea Riseborough as Muldoon suffers from dumbcharacterculosis. She gets no dough to express herself. Lin Shaye should’ve been used more. She had the expressions of fitting in a horror film. She’s used less & well.

The Oscar-nominated Demián Bichir gets nothing act. He remains plain throughout. Though his character is the smartest of the lot. ‘Not going in the house because it’s haunted’ level of smart. John Cho and Betty Gilpin get a forgettable presence.

The GrudgeMovie Review: Direction, Music

Nicolas Pesce gets over-enthusiastic about the project. I haven’t seen the original one, so without drawing any parallels, this one sucks big time. Pesce tries to evoke scares through the typical ‘go silent & BAM’ treatment but nothing works. Apart from a couple of good ones, there’s nothing that will scare you in the film.

After some B-Grade horror flicks & one average Doctor Sleep later, The New Brothers design the background score for The Grudge. It’s nothing remarkable about it. Just a good use of silence at places & that’s about it.

The Grudge Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, The Grudge is not the horror movie anyone is looking for. Despite all the mixed-reviews, I would still suggest Ghost Stories over this. Totally skip it!

One and a half stars!

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The Grudgereleases on 3rd February, 2020.


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