Space Force Review (Netflix): Steve Carell Once Said, "Sometimes I'll Start A Sentence & I Don't Even Know Where It's Going"
Space Force Review (Netflix): Steve Carell Once Said, “Sometimes I’ll Start A Sentence & I Don’t Even Know Where It’s Going” 

Space Force Review (Netflix): Was the decision of creating hullabaloo of the reunion of The Office’s ‘Best Boss’ Steve Carell with its creator Greg Daniels for a show too much? Read to know!

Space Force Cast:  Steve Carell, John Malkovich, Lisa Kudrow, Diana Silvers

Space Force Creators:  Greg Daniels, Steve Carell

Space Force Review (Netflix): What is it about?
Steve Carell’s Gen. Mark Naird has been assigned to head the Space Force department about which he knows as little (or a lot) as his Mike knew about The Office. The mission that he has been put on by the POTUS (President Of The United States) is to make sure there are US ‘Boots on the moon’ by 2024 (which they’ve joked it as Boobs on the moon).


Though Mark isn’t much of a scientist to understand the technicalities of the missing, he surely is a leader to make the foolish calls which usually dodges the tough times. His wife Maggie (Lisa Kudrow) gets jailed for 40 years and suggests an open marriage. His relationship with daughter Erin (Diana Silvers) goes through a rollercoaster of a ride throughout the show. The 10-episode workplace dramedy includes Mark’s clumsy juggle between being a 4-star General and a considerate family man.


Space Force Review (Netflix): What’s Good?
Almost everyone will step into the show due to the two names that come attached with it Steve Carell & The Office. But, a couple of episodes later, you’ll realise why you should’ve seen this without the uncalled-for baggage.

There are few good jokes scattered but that’s about it, you’ll be severely punished looking for more of them. Steve & Lisa’s track reaches a high point towards the last couple of episodes but then is thrashed by a forced ending.

Space Force Review (Netflix): What’s Bad?
The sub-plot of having a boss who knows very little about what is he handling was masterfully achieved in The Office and you just couldn’t help but notice how abusively the creators have mistreated in this one. Once Steve Carell’s Michael Scott (The Office) said, “Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way” and I didn’t know I’ll ironically use it as a headline in his own show someday.

This is a classic case of ruining a delicious dish despite having all the ingredients in handy (#lockdownfeels). It’s not even in the zone when it tries to be too funny because many scenes go flat without even any forced joke. The weak writing never gives any scope to build any character leading to a very confusing narrative. Is it about the space mission? Is it about Mark’s personal life? Is it about both of them? It’s all haywire leaving a very distasteful aftertaste.

Space Force Review (Netflix): Performances
Steve Carell leads a show which doesn’t really need him to be there. It could’ve been on similar lines with any actor playing Mark. And you never cast Steve Carell to play a role which could be done by anyone else. He tries to add his quirks but they just aren’t enough to balance the fuss happening otherwise.

John Malkovich lends great support to Carrel’s Mark. He manages every mood of his character with equal brilliance. Lisa Kudrow is wasted! Her character touches the highest point of the show’s graph and that’s about it. If she was cast for just that one subplot, a bad decision yet again. Diana Silvers’ justifies the confusion of her character with her subtle performance.

Space Force Review (Netflix): Final Word
All said and done, Space Force not just gets burdened with the heavy names of Steve Carell & The Office, but also offers nothing new as far as the content is concerned. The makers “should have burned this place down when they had the chance.”

Space Force Review (Netflix) Star Ratings: 2.5/5 Stars

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