However, Karthik confides in Shonali when they decide to get married to each other. On hearing about Karthik’s mysterious calls, Shonali, obviously, thinks he is mad and tells him to consult a psychiatrist. Karthik consults his regular psychiatrist, Dr. Kapadia (Shefaali Shah), who is bewildered when he actually gets a call at 5 a.m. even while she is sitting with him.

Soon, Karthik receives a call in which the calling Karthik fires him for revealing all to Shonali. The voice now threatens to destroy him – and actually does so. Karthik loses his job as well as girlfriend. Scared, he leaves the city and goes to a place he himself doesn’t know and stays in a hotel he himself is clueless about. His logic is that if he doesn’t know his own whereabouts, the telephone caller would not be able to harm him. But things aren’t so simple.

Here, Dr. Kapadia solves the mystery of the caller and explains all to Shonali.

The story and screenplay, both penned by Vijay Lalwani, are very different from the routine or regular stuff films are made of. However, it is very unlikely that the drama will be lapped up by the audience simply because of the novelty factor. For one, the story is quite confusing for the average film goer, more particularly the mass audience. The concept of Karthik calling Karthik would impress the youth in the cities in the initial reels but the audience outside of the big cities would simply not accept such a drama. Even the city folk will find the proceedings in the second half rather boring and quite illogical. The revelation of the suspense by Dr. Kapadia is the weakest link in the story as it tries to marry medical science with technology.




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