'Ramaa The Saviour' Review By Komal Nahta

Star cast: Saahil Khan, Tanushree Dutta, Khali, Taleb Ibrahim.

Plot: Six kids get transported into the make-believe world of a video game they are playing. They meet Saahil and Tanushree there. The duo saves them from the evil forces who want to lay their hands on a treasure so that their leader (Taleb) can become all powerful.


What’s Good: Some stunts; locations.

What’s Bad: The childish script; the songs.

Verdict: Ramaa The Saviour will need a giant of a saviour to make any mark at the box-office.

Loo break: Plenty!

'Ramaa The Saviour' Review By Komal Nahta ( 'Ramaa The Saviour' Movie Still)

God Willing Entertainment Production’s Ramaa The Saviour is designed as a children’s film. It is about six little kids – Kunal (Koustuv Ghosh), Komal (Ananya Shukla), Riddhi (Ishita Panchal), Rohan (Meghan), Sameer (Arjun Nandwani) and Saanjh (Jhanki Pabari) – who, while playing a video game, get transported into the world of the game. There, in the fantasy world, they meet Ramaa (Saahil Khan) who turns out to be their saviour when Kali (Taleb Ibrahim) and his evil accomplices try to capture them at different points of time. One such accomplice of Kali is Samara (Tanushree Dutta) who, after a point of time, realises that Kali’s intentions are suspect. Samara then joins Ramaa and tries to ensure that Kali does not succeed in laying his hands on a hidden treasure which will make him so powerful that he will rule the world. In the end, Ramaa and Kali get into a do-or-die fight even as the kids and Samara try to manipulate the fight with two remote control devices they chance upon in the make-believe world (which is different from the real world of the kids).

'Ramaa The Saviour' Working Stills
Watch More 'Ramaa The Saviour' Working Stills

'Ramaa The Saviour' Review By Komal Nahta ( 'Ramaa The Saviour' Movie Still)

Reshu Nath’s story and screenplay are confused because of which she is unable to distinguish between the real and imaginary worlds. Samara using the laptop computer to track the treasure looks weird because the audience is unable to comprehend what she is trying to arrive at. For a good part of the drama, the kids roam aimlessly in the jungles which are part of the make-believe world, doing hardly anything. Ditto for Ramaa. Again, in the climax, it is mainly Kunal and Rohan who operate the remote control devices as the other four kids and Samara stand by their side, merely encouraging them to defeat Kali or, rather, to ensure that Kali is defeated by Ramaa. Resultantly, the viewer is unable to understand whet- her Ramaa is the saviour or Kunal and Rohan are the saviours. For, if Ramaa is, in fact, the saviour, why would he need the assistance of the remote control devices and their operation by the two kids? Also, how the kids lay their hands on the remote control devices remains a mystery just like the mystery of the devices becoming operational exactly where they (kids and Samara) land!

Watch More: 'Ramaa The Saviour'  Movie Trailer
Watch More: 'Ramaa The Saviour' Movie Trailer

All in all, Reshu Nath’s story and screenplay are childish instead of being meant for children. A lot seems to be in the writer’s mind but it does not come across on the screen, as a result of which the target audience – the kids – will find it difficult to understand what is going on. Furthermore, the drama itself is dry, drab and unengaging. Reshu Nath’s dialogues are hardly any better than the story and screenplay.

'Ramaa The Saviour' Review By Komal Nahta ( 'Ramaa The Saviour' Movie Still)

Saahil Khan hardly acts. He has very few dialogues to mouth. All he does is expose his physique for a good part of the film. Towards the end, his action scenes with the villain are good. Tanushree Dutta is okay. She impresses in action sequences and stunts. Khali a.k.a. Dalip Singh Rana (as Vali) is dull. Taleb Ibrahim is ordinary. Of the kids, Ananya Shukla (Komal), Koustuv Ghosh (Kunal) and Ishita Panchal (Riddhi) are impressive. Meghan (as Rohan) and Arjun Nandwani (as Sameer) do fair jobs. Jhanki Pabari (as Saanjh) gets no scope. The rest of the cast passes muster.

Saahil Khan hardly acts. He hasvery few dialogues to mouth. All hedoes is expose his physique for agood part of the film. Towards theend, his action scenes with the villainare good. Tanushree Dutta isokay. She impresses in action sequencesand stunts. Khali a.k.a.Dalip Singh Rana (as Vali) is dull.Taleb Ibrahim is ordinary. Of thekids, Ananya Shukla (Komal), KoustuvGhosh (Kunal) and Ishita Panchal(Riddhi) are impressive. Meghan(as Rohan) and Arjun Nandwani(as Sameer) do fair jobs. JhankiPabari (as Saanjh) gets no scope.The rest of the cast passes muster.

Haadi Abrar’s direction is okay but his choice of subject is not. Siddharth-Suhas’ music is more functional than anything else. The songs have no situations. Kumaar’s lyrics are quite dull. Song picturisations (Longines Fernandes) are commonplace. Sejal Shah’s cinematography is neat. Foreign locations are eye-pleasing. Action (Peter Heins) is exciting. Computer graphics are not upto the mark. Editing (Kabir Shukla) is poor.

On the whole, Ramaa The Saviour is a weak fare with bleak chances at the box-office. Its poor promotion will add to its tale of woes.




  1. The writer would like to confess that she hasn’t seen the film in one and a half years. When she did last see the film at an early Preview, she didn’t quite recognise it.

    She did point out to the Director that it would be nice if the Climax FOLLOWED the Pre-Climax – it is the norm, after all.
    And if he could consider including the missing twenty percent of the script in the film?
    And that maybe “children” is not synonymous with “retards” . You can’t win them over by simply pretending it’s a Khali film. They would probably want the story as well?

    Maybe that is the reason the writer was not allowed to watch the film ever since :) She should work on her Kid-Glove-Treatment skills. Bad Bad writer!! See how she suffers! :-|

  2. I watched the film today. There were quite a few adults as well but the theatre seemed to have been overrun by children and they just seemed to drool over it. I can unashamedly tell you I did not mind the occasional gaps .there was so much to go about. good photography , lots of action, real he man of an actor ,a story line which is driven by children all the way what else would a child want. If a film for children is being enjoyed by children who are we to grudge.

  3. Nicely Said, Riyaan.. that sounds like it’d probably be true.
    There’s something very funny going on with film. It was made almost four years ago, and it was never originally promoted as a Khali film. Then it languished in post-production for three years, threatened to appear every now and then, and then suddenly appeared, promoted largely as a Khali film. Sahil’s face is missing in most posters! And obviously the director cared little for story, since in all of the press releases, the story credit comes last, after PR/Pubicity credits.

    In fact, the entire cast and crew of the film is missing in publicity. Which is a pity, because a bunch of kids promoting a film makes for good PR. Instead, the publicity revolved around Khali, and then threats to sue Khali, alienating the only fanbase that the publicity was designed to attract.

    But at the same time, Sahil seems to have been running a parallel publicity campaign online, with much better artwork, I might add, and much better effect.

    It’s NOT a Khali film, Khali has about three minutes in the film, it looks like he shot for just a couple of days. Wasn’t there a story in the press about him being paid 1.5Cr for three days? And they wasted time shooting that end song with him????

    I’m a huge fantasy fan, and I’ve been watching for this film for a while now, and now that I’ve seen it, I’m afraid I must somewhat disagree with your read of it, Mr. Nahta.

    In my read, the real problem with this film is that there seems to be a lot missing from it. It almost seems as though the action sequences and all the so-called “moments” are unneccessarily stretched out with slow-motion, and to make up for the lost time, all the subtler connecting bits have been dropped. Of course, that also makes all the moments boring by making them, simply, too long.

    You said it perfectly yourself.

    “A lot seems to be in the writer’s mind but it does not come across on the screen, as a result …difficult to understand what is going on”

    That’s what it seems like. Like a lot film never made it to the screen.

    I also think the CG is really good. RMW has done a great job. The CG doesn’t make sense at some places, but whose job is it to instruct the CG guys on content?

    If the performances are generally weak, and the songs are arbitrary, and the picturizations are commonplace, and the editing is poor…

    if the only thing good in the film is the action and the cinematography


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