After an encounter with the dangerous alien Boris The Animal (Jemaine Clement) and the consequent disappearance of Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), Agent J (Will Smith) “jumps” to the past to save his partner and the world. Read the review of Men In Black 3 for more.

Men In Black 3 Movie Review
Men In Black 3 Movie Review

Rating:2.5/5 stars (Two-and-a-half stars)

Star Cast:Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Jemaine Clement, Emma Thompson and Michael Stuhlbarg.

What’s Good:Will Smith’s quips; Josh Brolin as the young Agent K; Will Smith’s back story in the film.

What’s Bad:The script isn’t captivating enough.

Loo Break: None.

Watch or Not?:It’s worth a watch whether or not you’re a fan of the MIB series.

Amblin Entertainment and Hemisphere Media Capital’s Men In Black 3 is another instalment of the secret agents saving the world from aliens.

While we’ve seen Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent J (Will Smith) save each others’ backsides and the Earth from aliens in the previous instalments of the MIB films, this involves a more complex time travel. The nefarious villain Boris The Animal escapes from his lunar prison and returns to Earth to get back at Agent K who was responsible for capturing him and shooting off his arm in the first place.

After an encounter with Boris, Agent J and Agent K have an argument about Agent K not being expressive enough. The next day, Agent J wakes up and finds out that Agent K does not exist! Surprised, Agent O (Emma Thompson, who is also the new Chief) tells Agent J that Agent K had died in his encounter with Boris 40 years ago! Agent J’s craving for chocolate milkshake makes Agent O realize that there has been a fracture in the time-space continuum.

With the only way left to save his friend and partner, Agent J takes a “time jump” and travels back to 1969 to save him. Once there, Agent J must not only save Agent K, but also ensure that he plants the ArcNet in the Earth’s orbit which will save the Earth in the future.

Does Agent J manage to save Agent K? Since Boris can also time travel, does he get his hands on the ArcNet before the MIB and lead his invasion of planet Earth? And what secret has Agent K kept from Agent K all these years? The rest of the movie reveals the answers to these questions.Men In Black 3 Movie Stills

Men In Black 3 Review: Script Analysis

Etan Cohen, David Koepp, Jeff Nathanson and Michael Soccio’s screenplay is good. Based on Lowell Cunningham’s original comic, is at least better than MIB 2. They’ve even deftly managed the time travel that makes a big part of the film.

However, the film could have done with some of the alien-Agent combat. It doesn’t have any part that captivates the audience. Agent J’s comebacks are very witty. The part when the show how far Agent J and Agent K go back to is some very smart work in writing.

Men In Black 3 Review: Star Performances

Will Smith is a superb treat as the witty Agent J; his expressions are priceless. Tommy Lee Jones has a very small part as Agent K and though he does well, his make-up looks a bit pasty in the beginning. Josh Brolin is the surprise as the young Agent K. He fits the part perfect with his hunky looks and measured expressions. Jemaine Clement tries too hard as Boris The Animal. Emma Thompson and Michael Stuhlbarg are good as Agent O and Griffin respectively.

Men In Black 3 Review: Direction & Technical Aspects

Director Barry Sonnenfeld has done a good job, but he doesn’t get it right when trying to make the movie sentimental and funny. Danny Elfman’s music is alright. Bill Pope’s cinematography is fine. Wayne Wahrman and Don Zimmerman’s editing is okay. Nothing great about the visual effects.

Men In Black 3 Review: The Last Word

Men In Black 3 is an enjoyable, average fare.

Men In Black 3 Trailer

Men In Black 3 releases in India on 25 May 2012. The film releases in 2D and 3D.



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