Meeruthiya Gangsters Movie Poster
Meeruthiya Gangsters Movie Poster

Rating: 1.5/5 Stars (One and half stars)

Star Cast: Jaideep Ahlawat, Aakash Dahiya, Vansh Bhardwaj, Shadab Kamal, Chandrachoor Rai, Jatin Sarna, Sanjay Mishra, Nushrat Bharucha, Ishita Sharma, Brijendra Kala, Mukul Dev, Malkhan Singh, Soundarya Sharma

Director: Zeishan Quadri

What’s Good: Difficult to find but humor is the only good thing in this film. There is little that woks for this film and hence other than a few laughs that you will have thanks to the hilarity of the situations presented. Sanjay Mishra is the only comic relief with much caliber here.

What’s Bad: Pinning it down to the core, what doesn’t work is the plot, the music and the amateur direction as well. Meeruthiya Gangsters falls flat in all departments and leaves nothing for you to savor on. Even though the film’s run-time is not much , the execution makes it lengthy.

Loo Break: Yes! Yes & Yes!

Watch or Not?: NOT! There is absolutely nothing concrete in the film. Neither do you watch something extraordinary, nor hear. Thanks to a highly punctured plot itself , the film doesn’t move much farther. Also since everyone is  not Anurag Kashayp, handling multiple characters without any significance is certainly not working. The week has four releases so don’t waste your money on this one.

User Rating: 

Nikhil (Jaideep Ahlawat), Amit (Aakash Dahiya), Gagan (Vansh Bhardwaj), Sunny (Shadab Kamal), Rahul (Chandrachoor Rai) and Sanjeev Foreigner (because of his hair color) are college buddies who are Meerut-based. After passing out of college, the lads in search for jobs and it seems either to start their own business or get a job, they need to raise money first. In their search to make fast money, they end-up kidnapping a businessman.

Their first kidnapping turns out to be a successful affair as they receive the ransom money. On receiving it, the gang plans to throw a party for a company’s zonal head and regional head as a bribe to get the job they have almost landed with but have no MBA degree which is a basic requirement. After the party they learn, the company is fraud and hence kidnap the regional manager to get back the money spent on pleasing him.

While Sanjeev’s uncle is a real estate agent, he coaxes them to get 2 crores to set -up their own business. Since they know the rules now, there takes place another kidnapping but this time it does not miss the eyes of inspector R K Singh (Mukul Dev).

Thus what goes on is a cat and mouse chase with back-stabbing and cheating as the plot thickens.

still from movie 'Meeruthiya Gangsters'
still from movie ‘Meeruthiya Gangsters’

Meeruthiya Gangsters Review: Script Analysis

The least attention has been given to the script in this film. It makes no efforts to reel you into the lives of the six protagonists. There is never a background established for any of the characters like their family or other personal life except for love angles which seem quite forced. The female characters hardly have anything to execute.

Filled with all possible things that we have always heard about Meerut, this is yet another film showing us how young guys eve-tease, drink beer as if there is no tomorrow, ride triple seats on bikes and are planning a kidnapping with guns. It’s as if every kid in the town learns not just how to load and unload a gun but also pull the trigger at the right place in Meerut. I am honestly done with these local goon stories portraying young lads throwing away their lives in the lieu of shortcut money. Not denying that this happens but for once if we could see the other side, it could have been far better.

There is humor pushed in a lot of serious scenes and it works at a handful of occasions. One of the scenes where Sanjeev loses his ear while a gang war and asks his friends to find it so that the doctor can fix it again is quite hilarious. In an effort to show the female characters powerful, the writer rely on stereotypes and hence either she has to be a money-loving back-stabber or the dominating-overbearing wife and others remain to be the bimbos who love flaunting their cleavage for no reason.

What is quite ironic is that by the time of the intermission arrives, it is completely difficult to establish what the director has served us so far and why. The film ends too on quite weird juncture, thus leaving us nothing to ponder on.

Meeruthiya Gangsters Review: Star Performance

Since Jaideep Ahlawat and Aakash Dahiya are the only two familiar faces with a handful of experience on their plate, they deliver a decent performance in the respective roles. Dahiya stands out the most in the film as he seems extremely comfortable with his character and the accent.

All the other newbies, fail to impress us. They just seem too overwhelmed to star in a film as protagonists.

Mukul Dev is at his worst in the film. His act of the inspector is a complete piece of ham acting. Being one of the senior actors, unfortunately he emotes just like the rest of the cast, excited to be in a film that has received them a principal role.

Nushrat Bharuchd does nothing noteworthy either.

Thank god for Sanjay Mishra’s cameo in the film. He provides a lot of comic relief as the ‘mama’.

Meeruthiya Gangsters Review: Music, Direction

Zeishan Quadri might as well have acted in this film than directed it. Gang Of Wasseypur’s Definite introduces us his own film of gangsters from Meerut and well, it is sheer disappointment. For starters, Quadri could have got me dizzy with the first few scenes itself when the camera keeps moving in circles over the gang sitting at a round-table and this does not happen just once. Typical for an amateur director, Quadri misses out on quite a lot of details required to pull off a film. The shaky camera angles and capturing entire scenes in single shot distract the audience. Already when the story is slipping out of his hands, Quadri seems to have made no efforts to save with anything. In one of the scenes, for almost two minutes we see a fast-forward version of the scene playing itself over and over and it completely drains you out. The music is pathetic and ill-placed in the film.

Meeruthiya Gangsters Review: The Last Word

Meeruthiya Gangsters is an easily avoidable film as it offers nothing but a hap-hazard story, direction and acting too. I am going with a 1.5/ 5 for the film.

Meeruthiya Gangsters Trailer

Meeruthiya Gangsters releases on 18th September, 2015.

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