Lingaa Poster
Lingaa Poster

Rating: 4/5 Stars (Four stars)

Star Cast: Rajinikanth, Sonakshi Sinha, Jagapathi Babu, Anushka Shetty, Dev Gill, Santhanam, Karunakaran, Brahmanandam, Radha Ravi, Vijayakumar, K Vishwanath, Manobala, Illavarasu

Director: K.S. Ravikumar

What’s Good: Like always, the best of Rajinikanth did the magic. His dual performance is highly appreciated. Though the entry of Lingaa (Grandson of Raja Lingeshwaran) was a superstar kinda start, but Raja Lingeshwaran took over Lingaa. K S Ravikumar gave a three hours treat to all the Rajini fans. Combination of a British Collector Raja Lingeshwaran and his grandson a grand thief is explained well. You could see the jinx between the duo at some points like, “Velai sariya ille tappa irundalum, manasuku piducha dan pannuven” (I work as per my conscious, if it allows me for it, I’ll do anything, let that be good or bad). After all it runs in the blood.

What’s Bad: The first half is little boring after sometime. Songs, and the lyrics. Bad timing for songs. I wish they could have concentrated on the lyrics of the songs more than costumes.

Loo break: Although the movie dips after some time, but as usual… entry of ‘The Raja Lingeshwaran”, takes off again. Till now, I felt like, “Ye kya ho raha he”, then I felt like, ‘what’s next’.

Watch or Not?: Of course, a must watch, eye treat for Rajini fans. During the music launch, Sonakshi Sinha dedicated a song to the superstar, “All the Rajini fans, don’t miss the change, do the Linga dance.. Linga Dance Linga Dance Lina dance…”

User Rating: 

Pon Kumaran and Cheiyyar Arun did fine work with the scripts and dialogues of Lingaa. The flow is visible during the movie. Lingaa (grandson) of Raja, is a petty thief in the present times, who spends his days plotting and looting valuables along with his gang, while Raja Lingeshwaran is from British period, who also happens to be a British collector and a civil engineer from Cambridge.

Lakshmi (Anushka Shetty)’s grandfather asks her to hunt for Raja’s grandson and bring him to fulfil the promise of his father, who died in Solaiyur. Before his death, he had sworn to god that, the temple of Lord Shiva constructed by Raja Lingeshwaran, will either be opened by the Raja himself or by his son or grandson. Lakshmi finally tracks the heir, who happens to be none other than Lingaa and convinces him to come to Solaiyur.

Then follows the real story!

Lingaa Review
Lingaa Review

Lingaa Review: Script Analysis

Pon Kumaran and Cheiyyar Arun did fine work with the scripts and dialogues of Lingaa. The movie starts with a super entry which made me expect more from the movie. But past few minutes, it feels like, what is going on. First half is slow, but it picks up later after the entry of Raja Lingeshwaran. That is the point where you can the Rajini style. Dialogues for Rajinikant are of his classic level, crisp, short and funny at times. Sonakshi Sinha’s dialogues are not much. But her screen presence worked well at par with Rajini. Sonakshi, a farmer’s daughter, her dream run to chase and get the basic amenities for their livelihood, of food and water. But, one thing we did miss about Sonakshi, was her original voice in the movie. Why dub her voice, sometime, its better if the dialogs come in their original voices, hope that won’t happen in future. There were few of puns included in between the serious conversations, which will make you be seated till the climax.

The two fantasies by Anuskha Shetty and one by Sonakshi Sinha are so boring. Wonder, what went wrong with the team to give so uncool and not happening lyrics for the so happening movie. Felt like fast forwarding the songs.

Lingaa Review: Star Performances

No words for superstar Rajini. After all, he is the god of Tamil films. His highness again made wonders by the typical Rajini performance.

For a change, Sonakshi Sinha actually did a good job. Playing the daughter of a farmer from Solaiyur, she did justice to her character. But, one thing I did miss about Sonakshi, was her original voice in the movie. Why dub her voice? Sometimes, it’s better if the dialogues come in their original voices and tones, just like when other southern actors work in Bollywood movies.

Anushka Shetty like always, was superb. Her beauty and charm is always appreciated.

Given any character to play, Jagapathy Babu always does justice to it and comes out with shining colours.

Santhanam, from being a friend during the theft, to the close buddy of Raja Lingaa… all was justified. No one can beat Santhanam for his comic timing.

Lingaa Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

Action, what to say, this is as much expected in Rajini movie, though some stunts shown during the climax of the movie were over exaggerated. But, I think that could be seen only in such movies, as it suits him. Direction was good by KS Ravikumar. It was a perfect gift for Thalaivaa on his 64th birthday.

Lingaa Review: The Last Word

Go, watch it. If you need a break from your schedule, and you want it to be full of entertainment, then I guesss, Lingaa would be a perfect movie to go for. Watching the superstar Rajini is a real treat. Nothing can be soothing than watching Thalaivaa on a big screen in dual avatar. One should never give a miss to him.

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Lingaa releases on 12th December, 2014.

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