Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Jackie Chan, Disha Patani, Amyra Dastur, Aarif Rahman, Sonu Sood, Yixing Zhang

Director: Stanley Tong

Kung Fu Yoga Poster
Kung Fu Yoga Poster

What’s Good: Some of the action sequences are shot well and will keep you entertained.

What’s Bad: A tepid plot that is laden with Indian cliches. Also, while you find ample of Kung Fu, I don’t know where the Yoga was!

Loo Break: Yeah! You could use a couple of them.

Watch or Not?: There’s nothing interesting about Kung Fu Yoga. It is completely avoidable for a theater watch.


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Jack (Jackie Chan) is one of China’s best archaeologist. He is approached by Ashmita (Disha Patani), with a map of the Magadha dynasty that supposedly leads to a hidden treasure.

Jack and his assistants, take up the task of helping her. This adventure takes them across places from Dubai to India.

In their search of treasure, they are forced to fight wolves, lions and eventually, the lead antagonist (Sonu Sood) and his men.

Will Jack be able to find the treasure and safeguard it from the greed of others?

Kung Fu Yoga Review
Kung Fu Yoga Review

Kung Fu Yoga Review: Script Analysis

Kung Fu Yoga has a plot that is completely yawn worthy. It’s like watching a spoof of Nicholas Cage’s National Treasure. The film’s story lacks intelligence and the dialogue is so forced that it seems like a history reading class.

The makers take no efforts in establishing a plot that is fluid. There’s action-dialogue-action and mostly this pattern follows.

It’s high time we stop portraying India as the land of snake charmers. I probably think the only reason they wanted to shoot a portion of story in India, was to add all the color and rope tricks of Rajasthan.

Unlike, Chan’s other films which are not just high on action but wit too, this one lacks the comic bits. There nearly isn’t anything remotely funny in the film, not even the Indian dance that Chan pulls off in the concluding song.

Overall, even the pace of the film is quite slow. It only picks up in the action bits.

If the makers were trying to justify the title ‘Kung Fu Yoga’ with one dialogue and a stretching trick, it’s just sad. Another lost opportunity on truly respecting India’s Yoga connection.

Kung Fu Yoga Review: Star Performance

I have to say it is disheartening to see the aging superstar, Jackie Chan take up such roles. For all those who have grown up watching him as the goofiest yet the best action hero, this is a sheer disappointment. I would still prefer to watch a Rush Hour reruns over this!

Disha Patani recently debuted with the Dhoni biopic in Bollywood and has a long way to go. While she looks pretty, it’s her monotonous dialogue delivery in this film that puts you off.

Amyra Dastur has a smaller role in this film but surprisingly does a decent job.

Sonu Sood is completely over the top and its just a pity why he would do that to himself. A horribly cliched role!

Aarif Rahman who plays Jones Lee and Yixing Zhang who plays Xiaoguang are a treat in their acts.

Kung Fu Yoga Review: Direction, Music

The Stanley Tong directorial had left me unimpressed from its trailer itself. Unfortunately, the film did not rise above it and made up for an extremely yawn-some watch.

Why is everything in this film so forced? The scenes look so fake and a patchy screenplay is a downer.

Since Disha Patani’s character is that of a princess, we see her play dress up as she is seen wearing a fish cut lehenga at her haveli. For heaven sake, she could have been sporting formals too. But then, that’s not what exotic Indians wear!

A car chase sequence where Chan has a lion in his back seat is an entertaining scene and shot in full on Rohit Shetty style- cars flying manner. Another interesting scene is that of Amyra, Aarif Rahman, Yixing Zhang saving themselves from Hyenas.

Otherwise, the film is dull. In spite of there being a quest as its main plot, there’s hardly anything that gets you on the edge of your seat.

Chan’s Kung Fu is of course enjoyable but had it got the backing of a meaningful script, it would have been merrier.

Kung Fu Yoga Review: The Last Word

Kung Fu Yoga is remotely entertaining for a theater watch. A 2/5 for this!

Kung Fu Yoga Trailer

Kung Fu Yoga releases on 3rd February, 2017.

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