Script & Screenplay

K.C. Bokadia’s story is unbelievably routine, just too convenient and full of loopholes. To take the drama forward, he has simply made too many connections between the film’s characters. Almost everybody is related to everybody. The action scenes as well as the punch lines are boring. Throughout the film, logic is given a pass. Even though Shanti Devi is blind, she always leaves the door open, probably for the police or BPL’s goons to enter and kidnap her. It is also incredible how BPL falls for Miss Madonna, an exact look-alike of Neetu Singh. Dialogues (K.C. Bokadia) are okay. A few lines on Hindu-Muslim unity and national pride seem to have been added as an afterthought, and do not go with the story.

'Khuda Kasam': Review by Komal Natha

Star Performances

As far as the performances are concerned, Sunny Deol acts and fights like in many of his earlier films. Tabu is wasted in an unbelievable double role. Her English accent as Miss Madonna is fake and jarring. Ashish Vidyarthi does well as the humorous villain but takes up a lot of screen time. Mukesh Rishi and Govind Namdeo are good as the corrupt cops. Sadashiv Amarapurkar and Raza Murad are wasted in inconsequential roles. Dinesh Hingoo provides comic relief. Farida Jalal and Beena Banerjee are okay. Daisy Bonappa looks attractive in an item song.

Direction, Music & Editing

K.C. Bokadia’s direction is nothing to write home about. Music (Aadesh Shrivastav) is passable. The song, ‘Nili lugdi’, sung by Sunidhi Chauhan, picturised on Daisy Bonappa and choreographed by Ganesh Acharya, is okay. Editing by D.N. Malik is patchy.


The Last Word

On the whole, Khuda Kasam is a weak fare. It also looks dated and stale because of the script and also given the fact that it was in the cans for many years.




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