Kaagar Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5 Stars (Three and half stars)

Star Cast: Rinku Rajguru, Shubhankar Tawde, Shashank Shende, Suhas Palshikar, Shantanu Gangane and Vitthal Kale

Director: Makarand Mane

Kaagar Movie Review
Kaagar Movie Review: Engaging Political Thriller Backed By Stunning Performances!

What’s Good: Amidst the trend of biopics and light-hearted movies, Kaagar comes as a refreshing change in Marathi movies. Backed by powerful performances and direction, the movie satisfies the hunger of political thriller.

What’s Bad: In an attempt of maintaining a niche treatment, some scenes go over the top.

Loo Break: The couple of passable songs will be a good time

Watch or Not?: If you are a fan of political thrillers and enjoy twisted plots, then it’s a must watch!

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Set with a backdrop of rural politics in Maharashtra, Kaagar depicts the old saying that politics is like a game of Chess, in which each and every move is made with the destination in mind. The story majorly revolves around the three characters- Rani (Rinku Rajguru), Yuvraj (Shubhankar Tawde) and Guruji (Shashank Shende). Guruji is the respected political figure of Viraainagar, who is known for his smart moves. The young generation willing to join politics, look at him as a mentor. His daughter Rani is a courageous and sensible girl, who believes that love and relations are above all. Yuvraj is a honest yet hot headed guy, who aspires of garnering a huge political power to help the poor farmers by availing their rights and to avenge the political death of his father.

Anticipating the lowering importance and loosened grip in the politics, Guruji makes a way for the younger generation to take charge in the field, therefore planning to act as a remote control in Viraainagar’s politics. On the other hand, impressed by the thoughts and earnesty, Rani falls in love with Yuvraj and both are in a happy relationship.

Yuvraj, who has an immense respect for Guruji and agrees his command, takes up a task allotted to him and next which unfolds, takes you in to the dark world of political mind games.

Kaagar Movie Review
Kaagar Movie Review: Engaging Political Thriller Backed By Stunning Performances!

Kaagar Movie Review: Script Analysis

Makarand Mane shines in both the departments- story and screenplay. He managed to show that how a young couple unknowingly becomes the victim of political episode and further takes it forward to the rise of Rani as a leader, quite convincingly.

The movie is engaging due to the narration style and well established characters. At some instances, Kaagar gets predictable but overall keeps you glued to the seats due to some intriguing twists.

Kaagar Movie Review: Star Performance

Rinku Rajguru delivers an impressive performance as Rani. In some scenes, she seemed monotonous with her Aarchi act from Sairat, but takes the graph higher with the scenes, which demanded matured and controlled portrayal.

The biggest takeaway is Shubhankar Tawde as Yuvraj. He looked confident and lived every inch of his character with apt brilliance in the very first big screen appearance.

Known for some out-of-the box roles, Shashank Shende as Guruji, makes his character of a shrewd political big shot believable.

Vitthal Kale as Yuvraj’s friend, does a fine job. Other actors like Suhas Palshikar, Shantanu Gangane, also justify the characters.

Kaagar Movie Review: Direction, Music

Award winning director Makarand Mane delivers a entertaining political thriller, the Marathi industry was waiting for long. Right from the first frame, Kaagar captivates the viewers. At places, the movie seems loud, especially during the action sequences. Also the background score goes overboard.

Speaking about the music, AV Prafullachandra delivers some good tracks- Nagin Dance and Lagliya Godi Tujhi, which works well with the situations. Other songs of the movie just drags the pace.

Kaagar Movie Review: The Last Word

Kaagar has all the elements that makes it an interesting watch. It reminds us of the rawness of Sairat and Mulshi Pattern but has its own share of merits. A treat for the lovers of political thrillers, who were waiting for long.

Three and a half stars!

Kaagar Movie Trailer

Kaagar Movie releases on 26th April, 2019.

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