Iron Man 3 Movie Poster
Iron Man 3 Movie Poster

Rating: 4/5 stars (Four Stars)

Star cast: Robet Downey Jr, Guy Pearce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rebecca Hall, Ben Kingsley

Director: Shane Black

What’s Good: Iron Man is simply Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr’s brash yet classy depiction is first rate as ever.

What’s Bad: A faltering storyline which provides nothing innovative

Loo break:  None

Watch or Not?:  Shane Black’s Iron Man will keep you adhered to the screens till the end. It invokes credit to take a commonplace plot and create a grasping film, without a single dull moment. Iron Man 3 is perhaps the only super hero film so abundant in witty humor, mostly intelligence and in terms of action the film is a spectacle. Sheer Class!

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Suffering from the New York debacle, Tony Stark is seen suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at the film’s outset. The man’s life moves undisrupted as he basks in domestic bliss with girlfriend Pepper. The flashback provides us the back story of Stark’s frivolous one night stand in Berne and the girlfriend resurfaces with a motive this time! The girlfriend’s benefactor Aldrich Killian has a exquisite Extremis project he pioneered – the hacking of the human DNA that could easily be weaponized. Killian had suffered an inkling of Stark’s arrogant nature a decade earlier which he remembered strongly and unpardonably. Running parallel is the introduction of the Osama Bin Laden-que villain Mandarin who has been the architect of many destructive blasts and promises everyone a big Christmas present! When Stark’s past and dreaded Terrorist join hands, it renders on screen a power packet superhero action flick that it promised.

Iron Man 3 Movie Stills
Iron Man 3 Movie Stills

Iron Man 3 Review: Script Analysis

Clichéd screenwriting is the priory spoiler of the film’s script. Turning the storyline into an unbearably impossible revenge saga of sorts, the plotted reasons are juvenile to encapsulate the obvious. However the film fantastically makes up for such crucial flaws in terms of acting, drama and mostly a wittedly penned down screenplay! The film gives you ample well done scenes and the scriptwriter has no claim over it.

Iron Man 3 Review: Star Performances

This review is turning out to be ironical with my star performances section running longer than script analysis, but when it is Iron Man 3, it is bound to be different.

Robert Downey Jr is the soul of each edition of this film. Despite his arrogance and bratty nature, he makes Tony Stark endearing. He is appealing in his jaw dropping performance. Swiftly shifting between his laid back demeanor and humor, this fantastic actor portrays trauma with unbelievable excellence. Despite the storyline throwing in hitches, this man combats it all so effortlessly. I could sing praises of Robert Downey Junior all through, but that would have me at the risk of ending up jobless.

The greatest fallacy I encountered here was Ben Kingsley, who is best remembered for his role in Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi, could pass down as a fearsome Terrorist. While one would be visibly shocked at this, the man gives the best on screen villainous stint  after Heath Ledger’s unforgettable Joker. Though in a role quite limited, it will be hard to miss the fear Kingsley injects in your conscience!

Guy Pearce plays his part to perfection. Acting as the megalomaniac, revenge seeking villain, he is ace at his work. He lingers on with a commendable screen presence and manages to haunt despite kick starting his comeback character suavely.

Gwyneth Paltrow does a good job by putting her foot down and acquiring a role that isn’t merely of a super hero’s sidewalk. I am itching to spoil the climax for you, but I will refrain from doing so. But she is definitely one person to look out for in the film’s conclusion. Such hilarity is rare!

Iron Man 3 Review: Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

After getting sidelined in Avengers, Shane Black has Iron Man 3 soaring to never seen before heights! His witty talent and bubbling enthusiasm is evidently overwhelming in the film. It was wrong of everyone to assume he will be a letdown. The man daringly proves his staunchest critics wrong by adding his Midas touch to this superhero series. Obviously packing with ace action stints, the film does the unpredictable task of giving an unusual Superhero film. It is made such that it will appeal to every facet of demography alike! Amid all the gadgets and technical brilliance, Black takes credit for giving us laughable moments and fleeting by romance as well without spoiling the byproduct. The action of the film is sharp and meticulously done. A good screenplay and smooth cinematography detailing add in as forte for the film!

Iron Man 3 Review: The Last Word

Iron Man 3 will be an unforgettable gig for most. It creates a brilliant tapestry of drama, suspense and yet with its high humor quotient will have you on the edge of your seats. Yet it will be a misplaced statement to say the film doesn’t have hitches. It surely does, but it works for being imaginative and hilarious – even better than Avengers Ensemble. Iron Man 3 is first class with its tasteful sense of humor served on a plate of superhero drama. I am going with a stupendous 4/5 for this one. Go catch this one at your nearest multiplex and go give your Bollywood watching, rotting Gray cells a wittily created visual treat!

Iron Man 3 Trailer

Iron Man 3 released on 26th April, 2013.

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