I Am Kalam Review – Direction & Music

Nila Madhab Panda’s direction is fair but it is of the kind which will appeal to a thin section of the elite audience, mainly that belonging to the festival circuit. Nevertheless, he has managed to extract good performances from the cast mambers. Also, the potential emotional impact of the story remains untapped. The film has one well-tuned song that plays in the end titles. Music (Sushmit Bose and Abhishek Ray) and lyrics (by Kishore and Manavendra) are good. Background score, by Deepak Pandit, goes with the mood of the narrative. Cinematography, by Mohana Krishna, is detailed and visually excellent. Sanjay Dasgupta’s sets deserve mention. Editing, by Prashant Naik, is fair overall, but not so good in the climax.

I Am Kalam Review – Verdict

On the whole, I Am Kalam is a film with very limited appeal. It will fail to do much at the box-office.

I Am Kalam Trailer



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